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Accounting Cover Letters

Every job and every field has a different requirement. The skills, qualities and personality traits required for every job is different. The resume speaks about all the degrees and work experience, but the cover letter attached with your resume speaks about your relevance to the field, and particularly to the job. It gives you a chance to actually tell the employer why your resume should be given preference over the other resume applications. While applying for an accounting job your accounting cover letter should speak about your key skills related to that field, which make you a more preferable choice.

Making your letter noticeable:
While you apply with your resume and cover letter, there are many others also, who do so. Thus, your main motto should be that your letter gets noticed, and stands out from the hoards of other applications. To make your letter noticeable, the three main qualities required in an accounting job should be included in your letter. These are:

Your proficiency and knowledge about various accounting software, and a strong academic background related to the same, is a must. This is the basic requirement for an accounting job and this should be highlighted at the very beginning of the letter. Secondly, speak about your interest and passion for this field. Let the employer know how well you are acquainted with the industry and describe some of your acts that have made a difference to the past companies. For example, a sentence like 'Brought a reduction of approximately 25% in the organization's non performing assets in a single quarter'. Such statements will directly prove your ability.

Thirdly, doing a research about the firm you are applying for, and speaking about the same in your resume, will help you impress the reader. This will show that you have researched about the firm, and are actually interested in being a part of it.

These three points form the basis of your accounting cover letter. While screening resumes, the reader looks for these three essentials, and if you convey it in your cover letter, you will increase the chances of moving to the interview round.

Format of your accounting cover letter:
The cover letter is the best chance to impress your employer. Your resume might go unrecognized if you do not have a great covering letter. The letter should be professional and precise. It should speak as much as possible about you, and still not go on for pages.

Divide your letter in 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph will be the opening of your letter, greetings, your introduction, and the position applied for. It should not be more than 3-4 sentences. Address your letter to a specific person. Try to find out the name of the person who will scan your resume, and address the letter to him or her.

The next paragraph will speak about your skills and abilities that should make the employer feel that you are the apt choice for the said position. Here you can also speak as to why you are interested in getting into this profile and the company. While speaking about your skills, abilities and relevant achievements do not make your letter look clumsy. Present it properly using bullets. Also, do not go on and on and reflect a self boasting personality. Using bullets will highlight the important information, and would directly get the attention of the reader.

In the last paragraph, thank the reader. Also, ask for a response by using statements requesting a positive reply from the other end. Close the letter by signing it, and giving your contact number and email address at the end. This will make it more convenient for the reader to reach you. Also, see to it that the heading of your resume and your cover letter is the same.

Basic and Best Cover Letter tips:
The accounting cover letter should include some of the terminologies of the accounting field. Present your achievements by using some facts and figures, or in percentage. For example, if you decreased the amount of non-performing assets, mention it in percentage or exact figures.

Always remember that although the cover letter is used to speak about your skills and achievements do not make it look like your resume by putting all the details in it. Mention some key points and skills relevant to the job you are applying for.

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