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Sample cover letter for actor jobs (experienced)

Rachel L Hudson
515, Milne Drive
United States
(121) 245-2772

24th August, 2010

Aaron J Stewart
Media-Files House
Clearlake Rd, Cocoa
United States

Sub: Application for 'Actor' role

Dear Mr. Stewart,

I have heard a lot about your production house and seen a lot of plays enacted by your team. I was inspired by the performance of the group in its last play "Dead Ends", and would like to express my sincere desire to be part of your team in its future endeavors. I have enclosed my resume for your perusal.

I am looking for a suitable job opening within your house in the capacity of an 'Actor' where I can put my art skills to the best of use. From my resume, you will note that I have the required experience under varying roles. In the past 2 years of my professional career, I had the opportunity to be the lead actor of some now talked-about plays. I have also assisted my directors in carrying out various related activities such as set design, camera movements and coordination etc.

I am sure that, with my hands on experience coupled with strong knowledge; I will be able to meet your expectations. I have a thorough understanding of various aspects of acting and direction by virtue of comprehensive education which I received from Vancouver Film School as part of my Bachelor's degree.

With my dedication and under your direction, I will be able to perform to my best and bring laurels to the team.

Waiting eagerly for an opportunity to be part of your team.



Rachel L Hudson


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Sample cover letter for actor jobs (fresher)

Charles William Stewart
357 Kelson Dr NW
United States
(678) 488-1784

24th August, 2008

Lyndsey E Clark
Rainbow Creations
Mile Creek Road
South Carolina

Sub: Application for cast of an "Actor"

Dear Ms. Clark,

I had recently come across your advertisement for various openings in your organization for the proposed play "Immortal Silence". I have enclosed my resume along with the application for your review.

I am a fresher and have recently completed a certificate course in 'Dramatic Arts' from University of Connecticut. With not much of experience, I am open to any suitable opening within your organization where I get an opportunity to develop on my skills as an actor. I have never shunned hard work, and am sure that under your eminent directive skills I will be able to excel and meet your requirements satisfactorily.

With my sound knowledge, intense traineeships and acquired basic acting skills; I will be able to learn and adapt quickly to meet your requirements, and please my audiences. With the zeal and energy I carry with me, I will be able to bring life to any role assigned.

Looking forward for an opportunity to prove my acting skills.

With regards


Charles W. Stewart



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