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Acting is a field of glamour. Here everything depends on the way you present yourself. Presentation is the key to get exactly what you want. Many youngsters everyday apply with their resumes and portfolios to 'n' number of agencies. Many of these portfolios do not even get a glance. In order to grab the attention of an agent, director, producer or a model-coordinator, you need to write an impressive acting cover letter, which would excite the reader to look forward in to your resume and portfolio. All the cover letters are meant for the same purpose. The recruiter does not have all the time in the world to go through hundreds of resumes he/she receives. This makes it essential to write a cover letter, which gives the recruiter an idea of what you actually are and interest him/her to know you further. In this section of resume cover letter examples, we would discuss how an acting cover letter should be, why never opt for mass mailing, and some actor cover letter examples to give you a better idea.

Never go for mass mailing:
Everyday you apply with different agencies and different producers or directors. While you apply to many everyday, these agencies or directors also get many applications, portfolios and resumes every day.. If you do not have enough time to write a small-customized cover letter addressed to a specific person, you will create a negative impression on the reader.

Personalized addressing and specifically, addressing the person by his/her name creates a different impact on the reader. It shows your individual approach towards that particular agency or director. Some research about that particular agency, director, and mentioning it in your cover letter will show that you are actually interested in working with them.

Why and when use a cover letter?
The resume has all your skills and qualifications and your portfolio speaks about your personality. The question is then why use a cover letter. The need of a cover letter is explained in the above paragraphs. However, when to use a cover letter is still a question. A cover letter should be used whenever you apply, but in some special cases like when you have met a specific person and wish to work with him/her, you will definitely need an actor cover letter. For example, if you have met that person at a party, writing a cover letter reminding the reader, that you both have met already and had a healthy conversation will grab the reader's attention, and force him/her to recall. Every person you meet in any social professional parties, turn it into a professional contact, and send in your contact details, cover letter and portfolio.

Contents of an acting cover letter:
Now that you are clear with why you need a cover letter, you must know what a cover letter should include. If you have met that person, begin your letter by talking about that incident. Mention where you both met. In other situations, begin with your introduction. Mention your name and your area of interest.

In the next paragraph, speak about passion and seriousness for the profession. Speak about your relevant courses, degrees and sessions. Share your experiences and any projects, or work done by you before which won good recognition. This will assure the reader that you are committed to this profession and are not doing it for the sake of fun or killing time. This will also give an idea about your talent and genre of acting.

If you are a fresher skip this advice, else, this will work for you. If you have some experience and have been part of plays or documentaries, let the reader know that you are in demand. Let him/her know about your current play you are working in, and what other projects you have for future. This will show that you are in demand and you are approaching them just because you want to move on and experience something new.

If you are still confused, and not very sure as to how to write a good acting cover letter, refer to the acting cover letter example given in the links below.

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