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Advertising Internship Cover Letter

Advertising is a very vast field. There are no limits to creativity in advertising. A way that appeals to the masses, and connects the idea of the product well with the target market, is successful advertising. The practical knowledge in this filed is much more important than any theoretical knowledge. Thus, when you opt for any course in advertising, internship is a must to complete your education. This internship will help you learn the concepts of advertising, and understand how it works. Thus while pursuing your degree in this field you have to apply for internship with different advertisement companies. You need an effective cover letter that will help you convince the organization to allow you as an intern in their organization. To help you with this, we have listed two sample advertising internship cover letters below.

1. Sample Advertising Internship Cover Letter

25th June, 2009
Anthony Dickens,
32 S Riverview,
14 Three Elms field,
Garby Stourling,
London - 2121011
(314) 555-5286.

Kevin Clarke,
HR Manager,
TimberLake Advertising,
4 Tiverton Lane,
London - 212010

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I am Anthony Dickens, and Mr. Jack Bloom, working as the Sales Head - Advertising, with your organization, gave me your reference. I am a Management student and am specializing in 'Marketing &Advertising'. As a part of my curriculum, I have been seeking an internship in advertisement with a reputed organization. Mr. Jack Bloom advised me to write to you for the same.

I am a hardworking student with a good academic record. I have won many inter college competitions in advertising. I have a keen interest in this field and wish to take hands on experience with the best of the minds in the field of advertisement. Advertisement is something that cannot be learned, only by reading theoretical concepts. Practical experience is a must for complete learning of advertising.

I have attached my resume herewith. Please provide me a chance to work with your organization and help me understand this field better. I assure that I would take this internship very seriously and not disappoint you.

It is my humble request to please revert to my internship application before the 10th of August.

Awaiting a positive response at the earliest.


Anthony Dickens.
(314) 555-5286.

Advertising is a vast field, and you can choose which area you would want to work in. You can thus write a specific cover letter requesting to allow you to work in a specific area or profile.

2. Sample Advertising Internship Cover Letter - for internet advertising

31st August, 2011
Mark Rick,
32 N Riverview,
15 Three Palms Field,
Garden Road,
London - 2121011
(314) 2120101430

Kelvin George,
HR Manager,
Focal Advertising,
4 Riverside Lane,
London - 212510

Dear Mr. George,

I am Mark Rick and am pursuing my Masters in Advertising, from NickDales University. I am writing this letter to request you to allow me to work as an intern with your organization.

I have a keen interest in 'Internet Advertising', and have done a diploma in 'Internet Marketing and Advertising'. I wish to pursue my career in Advertising, and work especially in 'Internet Advertising'. Today internet is the easiest mode of reaching a large number of audiences in no time. Various ad campaigns can be made online, and can be communicated to all via internet in any nook and corner of the world.

Focal Advertising is a specialist in 'Internet Advertising and Online Campaigns'. Working as an intern with your organization will help me learn and work with the most creative minds in this field.

Enclosed please find attached my resume, internship letter from NickDales University and copy of certificates. Please consider my application and allow me to pursue my internship with Focal Advertising.

Awaiting your positive response.

Thank you.


Mark Rick
(314) 2120101430

These sample cover letters can be used by you while applying for internship. It might sometimes be very difficult to convince the organizations for internship, as they think that you would only learn and not contribute anything to the organization. You need to convince the organization that you are capable of contributing to the organization goals with your intelligence and hard work. Think thoroughly, and write a cover letter that will get you exactly what you want. You can also refer to the Sample of Advertising Sales Cover Letter if you wish to enter field of advertising.

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