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Art Consultant Cover Letter

Art consultants are art experts who specialize in designing and decorating spaces, rooms, walls, etc.; and are valued for their expert opinion. An art consultant cover letter, for the post of art consultant, should be able to convey your professionalism as an art professional, so that it can convince the employers to review your resume, and consider your candidature further.

Art consultant cover letter samples though are a great source to get the relevant information, their optimal customization too is equally important, so that a befitting professional impression is created. The sample cover letters should be treated more as a reference source than to be reluctantly copied, with fine alterations. In such cases, candidates may end up with similar cover letters, and lose out on the competitive advantage provided by a unique and personalized art consultant cover letter.

The factors which must be observed carefully in the art consultant cover letter examples provided below are: layout, language, flow, relevancy, and promotional approach. Always remember that the actual purpose of an art consultant cover letter is to introduce the attached art consultant resume, and convince the employers to review it. However, if carefully phrased, the cover letter can also be used as a platform to promote personal attributes, which are not included in the resume, and enhance the selection chances.

Resume Cover Letter Example 1: Sample Art Consultant Cover Letter

(Experienced candidate, without any reference)
James N. Peck
375 Palmer Road
Ohio - 43017
United States
Tel: (314) 718 7995

Date: January 05, 2012

Richard W. Morgan
Reed Arts Gallery
107 Carolyns Circle
Ohio - 43713
United States

Dear Mr. Morgan,

This is with reference to your job posting on the website '' for the position of an arts consultant; I am interested in the job profile, and would like to submit my candidature for the same. I have enclosed my resume for your perusal.

I have a total experience of 6 years working with some of the renowned firms, doing business in artifacts and other related services. After going through your required job profile, I find my skill-sets at par with the same; and I am sure, under your guidance, I will be able to bring my skill-sets to optimal use, for achieving the organizational goals. My expertise on art sculptures and antiques, would be helpful in solving queries of visitors to the gallery, thereby help us to market our services efficiently. Imbibed by experience, I can also help in aesthetically decorating the open spaces, a much asked for service by bigger firms with vast open spaces in their premises.

I would appreciate, if given an opportunity to meet you in person; so that we could discuss on different ways in which my skill-sets can be utilized to meet the job requirements, and contribute towards growth and development of the gallery.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



James N. Peck

Enclosure: Resume

Resume Cover Letter Example 2: Art Consultant Cover Letter Sample

(Fresher candidate, with reference)

Ernie M. Keating 904 Geneva Street
New York - 11501
United States
(917) 509 7985

January 05, 2012

Deborah S. Disputes
Art Director
Palm Groove Group of Hotels
Bay Club St.
New York - 11005
United States

Reference: Ethan B. Copper, Chief Architect, Bell-View Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. Dismukes,

As per your conversation with Mr. Ethan B. Cooper for the open position of an Art Consultant with your organization; I am interested in the job opportunity, and would like to present my candidature for the same. Please find enclosed my resume for your consideration.

I am a graduate with Bachelors degree in Interior Designing, and have done my internship with Bell-View Constructions Pvt. Ltd. I am sure, with my exposure to interior decoration while working under the guidance of Mr. Cooper, I will be able to bring my skill-sets to effective use, and deliver the job responsibilities satisfactorily. My expertise over graphic designs and color schemes, has found many appreciators, both at college and external projects. I am sure; I will be able to impart an innovative touch to your new projects.

I would request you for an opportunity to be a part of your team, and prove my skills.

Looking forward to a favorable reply, and work under your guidance, where I can grow as a professional, and contribute towards the organization's growth.


Ernie M. Keating


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For more information and different styles of writing cover letters, you can always refer to other resume cover letter examples given here. However, ensure that they are relevant and customized adequately.

From the above two arts consultant resume cover letter samples, both fresher and experienced candidates can benefit, and draft professional and striking cover letters for their art consultant resume. Also, you can refer to Travel Consultant Cover Letter writing tips and how to write Placement Consultant Cover Letter for more consultant cover letters.

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