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Searching for art cover letter samples on the web can at times be boring, if one is not able to find a relevant example. The scope of job opportunities in the arts field is vast, and this explains the efforts required for finding a suitable art resume cover letter sample. Considering the importance of time spent, which could otherwise have been used for other preparatory works, we have provided a collection of diverse art cover letter samples, all in one spot.

You just need to click on the appropriate sample, and all the information would be available. However, just by finding the sample letter, the task does not get over; rather, it gets interesting, when it comes to customizing these examples. For effective modification and personalization of the art cover letter samples, knowledge of cover letter writing is necessary. Here, we have attempted to provide relevant information in precise, concise and simple to understand manner.

Writing an art cover letter

  • The aspect of cover letter writing which should be given utmost consideration is the message to be conveyed. A cover letter is written for introducing your art resume, and promoting the candidature, simultaneously.
  • Select a suitable format for the art cover letter. Ideally, all left alignment is recommended for a formal letter. Depending upon the medium of job application, such as email or by post, necessary changes should be made. For example, if sending the application through email, the letter can begin from the salutation. The title of position applied should be included in the subject line, or as specified by the employers.
  • For salutation and greeting, gender should be given due consideration. Any prefix to the name, such as Dr., should be included carefully.
  • The entire content should be presented in a precise and concise manner. Ideally, three paragraphs; one each for introduction, main text, and conclusion are recommended. The cover letter should not exceed beyond one page.
  • Only key details should be included, which you want the employers to observe in the resume, and are your core strengths. They should also be supportive to the desired job profile.
  • Use of professional language, with compatible proficiency levels, is recommended. It should be neither very simple, nor too intricate.
  • Ideally, an art cover letter is written only after the art resume is drafted.
  • All enclosures should be mentioned at the end, in the same order as attached.
  • Use the cover letter to share your personal attributes, which are not included in the resume, along with justifying your optimality for the job position.

The information shared above for writing a striking art cover letter, would help you in drafting the letter with minimal requirement of referring to art resume cover letter examples. The art cover letter outline given below, would help you in better understanding and implementation of the above given information.

Art Cover Letter Template

Sender's address
Flat No., House/Building Name
Street, Town
State - Zip Code
United States (Country name required if applying for international jobs)
Tel. No.
Email id

Date: Month, Day, Year format
Recipient's address

Organization Name
Site/Survey No.,
Street, Town
State - Zip Code
United States (Country name required if applying for international jobs)

Ref: Reference details, if any

< Salutation>

Dear Mr. or Ms. Second Name,

Introductory paragraph containing job application details

I am writing this letter to put forward my application for the post of XYZ as advertised in the daily paper ABC dated mm/dd/yyyy. I have enclosed the resume for your review and consideration.

Main Paragraph highlighting your skill-sets and promoting your claim for the candidacy

I am an experienced professional with 5 years of experience working with renowned companies, which has provided me an exposure to different industrial practices, and helped me develop my skill-sets. My expertise over < skill>, combined with leadership qualities would help me to perform efficiently, and contribute towards organization growth. I am sure, if given an opportunity, I can bring my academic knowledge and experience imbibed skills to effective use, and deliver my job responsibilities satisfactorily.

Concluding paragraph with hint towards request for interview call

I would appreciate, if given an opportunity to meet you in person, so that we can discuss on how my skills can be brought to best use towards achieving organizational goals. Thank you for your time and consideration; and waiting in anticipation of a favorable reply.



Name of Candidate/Sender


List of attachments, mentioned in same order as enclosed, with resume being the first, or as specified.

The above given art cover letter template is a quick source for drafting a professional cover letter for art job application, and requires necessary details to be filled in, with appropriate customization.

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