Cartoonist Cover Letter

A cartoonist is a person, which combines drawing, and current news, events, etc., to present some social issues of the society in a humorous manner. He/she has the talent or skill to put forth the most critical or hot issues of the society in a satire. For being a cartoonist, the person should have good drawing skills, and must be aware of all the latest happenings in and around his city, state, country, etc. Thus, a cartoonist is a person who puts forth the worst of the issues in a way that every one understands his/her point of view or concern, and also laughs on the way he/she presents it. Many a times, the person targeted by the cartoonist also enjoys the art, because the cartoonist makes him/her look very funny making the moment light. To apply for the job of a cartoonist, the applicant needs a well written resume, giving details about his/her qualifications, skills and work experience. To strengthen this resume the applicant should send a cartoonist cover letter along with the resume, directing the reader to read the entire resume thoroughly. To direct the reader, the applicant must write a cover letter, which succeeds in convincing the employer/reader that the candidate would suit the job requirements. Thus, understanding the employer's job requirements for the said profile is a must. A brief job description given below will help you for the same.

Job description:

A cartoonist draws cartoons to amuse the reader of a magazine, newspaper, etc. He/she has to draw cartoons to poke fun at some issue, highlight something, for advertisements, narrate stories in comics, put forth the client's or publishers idea, point of view, etc., in a humorous manner

A cartoonist either works with some publishing house, or works as a freelancer. There is no specific qualification details with regards to a college degree, but a cartoonist should be able to understand, and analyze facts to present it in the form of cartoons. He/she should have exceptionally good drawing skills, and a creative and spontaneous thinking to come up with good concepts.

To help you make your job application more effective, the cartoonist cover letter given below would prove helpful.

Sample cartoonist cover letter - for an experienced candidate

Jack S. Coffman
340 Wilson Avenue
Mc Kinney, TX 75069
Phone: 972-529-0926
Email Address:
January 17, 2012

The HR Executive
Mary R. Dalton
Green House Publications
3006 College Avenue
Dayton, OH 45402

Dear Ms. Dalton,

I am Jack Coffman, a Cartoonist, working with Lexus Comics, and am interested in the job vacancy for the position of Cartoonist with your organization. I have 1.5 years of work experience, and I believe that I fit in the requirements put forth for this job.

I am currently working on comic cartooning, and have sketched for some of the best comics of Lexus, namely RA One, Fighter, Prince & Princess, etc. My work has been appreciated, and my creativity is applauded. However, I feel that I should move ahead, and use my potential to the fullest. I am capable of conceptualizing, and thus willing to work with your publication house, wherein I would get to sketch on various topics that are of importance to the society. I am a follower of Paul Cardo's work in your publication, and would like to follow his footsteps, and carve a niche for myself. Lexus Publication's Sunday Edition, which caters to all the hot and happening issues of the entire week, interests me the most. It is the best way to put forth all the social happenings, and issues via cartoons. I believe that even I can conceptualize, and create artworks that would put forth such points with humor.

I have enclosed my resume and my work profile along with this letter. Although, I haven't got a chance to conceptualize certain issues, and present it, I have for my interest, sketched some cartoons relating to some of the latest issues. I request you to review the same, and do call me for an interview before concluding something. It would give me a chance to prove whatever I have said, and thus help you take the right decision.

Thank you in anticipation.

Jack S. Coffman

The sample cartoonist cover letter given above, sounds very straightforward, and puts forth the applicant's strengths, interest, experience, etc., in a precise manner. The employer can easily relate the applicant's abilities with his/her requirements, and thus make further decision. Also, you can refer to Example of Film Crew Cover Letter and Example of Personal Stylist Cover Letter for more examples of letters.