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Film Crew Cover Letter

When a film is made, there are many supporting operations that help the actors perform a scene, director direct a scene, and get the perfect screenplay out of a scene. The lights, sounds, background, etc., needs to be set up perfectly, and there is big film crew working on every film. The members of this crew are known as Film Crew members. Their roles might not be fixed, and they would work as per the directions of the Producer or Director. However, someone experienced working on the lights, sound, etc., would get those particular duties probably on every set. Their scope of work is very wide, as they do not have defined roles. To work for this position, one must apply with a resume, and a film crew cover letter. The lowest positions in the crew might not need a letter or resume, but the ones working on sound, cameras, lights, set design, etc., might have to apply with a detailed resume and cover letter.

When one writes a cover letter, he/she must first understand what the employer expects from the applicant. He/she must understand what duties are to be performed, what skills are needed, qualification required, etc. To understand the same, one must read the job role or job description for the said profile. The job description for a Film Crewmember is as follows -


  • He/she will have to work in different departments like production, food, set up, etc.
  • He/she must be good at multitasking, and should be quick at grasping new skills
  • He/she will have to follow the orders of the crew head
  • Take charge of lightings, sounds, properties to be used in the scene, set-up, etc.
  • Should be comfortable working in teams, and taking up tasks as per the order

Work conditions: The film crew has to work in different locations, where the film is shot. In international shoots, keeping the cost factor in mind, the Producer would decide whether he/she would take the crew along or hire local staff. They do not have work schedules, they would have to work based on the shooting hours. Their salaries vary with the department they work.

Salary: The approximate salary of a crewmember is $22,530 per annum, and the hourly wage is approximately $10.83.

Scope: With the increasing number of films being made, as well as a rise in the number of independent filmmakers, presents good demand and growth prospects for crewmembers.

Sample film crew cover letter

The sample film crew cover letter given below presents a clear idea of how an ideal cover letter should be, what contents should be included in the letter, and how the applicant should present him/her.

Cover letter sample for an experienced candidate

Mickey J. Markus
154 Drummond Street
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973-236-1655
Email Address:
January 18, 2012

The Production Head,
Crystal J. Fanning
Apex Productions
1792 Pearl Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Ms. Fanning,

I am Mickey Markus, and this is with reference to the job advertisement published in NJ Times, dated January 17, 2012, for the post of a crewmember. With an experience of one year in this field, I would like to apply for this position.

I am currently working with JJ Productions as a crewmember. I have worked in three different departments over a year's tenure. I worked in the food department, then moving on to the sounds, and currently am working with the set-up department. I thus, can perform different duties, and am flexible to working in any department. I believe that although a crewmember has to follow the instructions given, but he/she must be wise enough to perform certain actions, which need not be told every time. Thus, I am alert, aware, and use my common sense making things simpler for my instructor.

Working with Apex, will give me a chance to learn further, and get motivated with the recognition policy you follow. Your crewmembers are constantly motivated by being awarded for their contribution and efforts put in a project. This would help me give in my best, as well as learn to become the best.

I have enclosed my resume, and I would be highly obliged if you call me for an interview.

Thank you

Mickey J. Markus


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The sample film crew cover letter is an ideal example of how a crewmember can apply for a job, and increase the chances of selection by writing a cover letter. Go ahead, and write a similar letter for the next job you wish to apply for. You can review Example of Ballet Dancer Cover Letter and Example of Cartoonist Cover Letter for more example of cover letters. Also, you can refer to Film Editor Cover Letter Samples to get the job in film industry.

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