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Film Editor Cover Letter

A completed film seen on screen is quite different from its original draft. The extent to which a film appears to be interesting depends a lot on the editing of the film. The storyline might be very good with great performances, but if it is not edited well, it might seem wayward. The Film Editor edits, or cuts off some portions of the film in coordination with the film director, which helps them ensure the continuity of the story. The film is shot in bits, and the scenes are not shot as per the sequence. Thus, when everything is collated, the Editor and the Director sit together and cut off the scenes, dialogs that affect the flow of the story, making it boring. It is also edited to meet the time constraints, and the censorship requirements. To work as a Film Editor, one must have a considerable experience in the same, a good resume to provide the relevant information to the employer; and a film editor cover letter to strengthen the resume.

A cover letter gives the applicant a chance to communicate with the employer, and convince the employer that he/she would best suit the requirements of the job. Thus, when one drafts the letter, he/she must understand the job requirements thoroughly. For this, a quick review of the job description given by the employer or available over the web, would prove helpful. A quick look at the job description given below would help you understand, and decide on the content of your letter.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for verifying time codes and key numbers on materials
  • Editing of film and video tapes, to bring the music, soundtrack, images, dialogs, in sync
  • Review the film thoroughly, and drop some scenes or dialogs after consultation with the


  • Review the film keeping in mind the censor board instructions and time constraints
  • Select the best shots and scenes to present a smooth flowing story
  • Estimate the reaction time of the audiences, and space the scenes accordingly
  • Screen the film for the Director and Producer, and re-edit if necessary

These Editors can work with film production houses, television shows, advertisement companies, etc. The approximate salary of a Film Editor is $61,890.

Sample film editor cover letter:

A Film Editor cover letter allows the job applicant for the said position to put forth his/her eligibility, ability, strengths, skills, and talent in a way that it interests the reader in his/her resume, and would eventually lead to an interview call. The sample letter given below will give a quick idea of a perfect cover letter for this position.

Film editor cover letter - for an experienced candidate

Alec L. Peyton
1578 Davis Court
Crossville, IL 62827
Phone: 618-966-9755
Email Address:
January 18, 2012

The Recruiter
Robert B. Romo
Walt Disney Production House
2012 Alpaca Way
Pomona, CA 91766

Dear Mr. Romo, I am Alec L. Peyton, a Film Editor by profession, with an experience of 3 years with Horizons Production House. The advertisement published in California Times for the position of Film Editor with your reputed organization, interested me, and thus, I present my candidature for the same.

I started my career with Horizons, as an intern, and was taken on board seeing my dedication and passion for film editing. Within 3 years, I managed to move up from an Asst. Editor to the position of an Editor. I have completed a Post Graduate course in Video Editing, along with certified courses in Post Production and Sound Editing. Thus, I can solely edit video and sounds to make it utmost pleasing on screen. I have edited many award-winning projects like PS I Love You, A Walk to Remember, etc. I was nominated for the 'Best Editing Award' in 2010.

With Walt Disney, I would get a chance to work on big projects, complicated projects involving immense special effects, and would thus, learn and get to use my experience and potential to the fullest. I believe that my work would help me fetch an award, working with Walt Disney. I assure of utmost dedication and sincerity at work, and I truly understand the responsibility of working with such a big organization.

I request you to review my resume enclosed herewith. However, an interview would help me explain my work, talent, and skills better.

Looking forward to meet you at the earliest.

Thank you in anticipation.

Alec L. Peyton


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The sample film editor cover letter is the best example of how the candidate can present his abilities, skills, achievements, etc., briefly, and motivate the reader to call him for an interview. A similar letter sent along with your resume will do wonders for you. We also recommend you to check Cover Letter for Music Professor if you wish to become professor or you can refer to Cover Letter for Film Crew to get the job in film industry.

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