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Personal Stylist Cover Letter

If you have a good sense of fashion, and are good at shopping, this can be a career choice for you. A person with a keen understanding of fashion, various fashion styles, trend, etc., can use his/her skill to work as a Personal Stylist for a client or group of clients. A Personal Stylist also known as a Wardrobe Consultant, Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper, etc., is responsible for helping one to set up his/her wardrobe. They help their client buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., for them, and give their clients the perfect look. Elite classes of the society, actors, models, etc., always need to be very presentable, and are very conscious of the way they dress up. These people are trendsetters, and others look up to them. Thus, they have to look the best. The Personal Stylist helps them in dressing at their best, shop for them; decide what they will wear for a particular occasion, etc. Thus, if you have a good sense of fashion, you can develop it further, and work as a stylist for some of the best celebrities, elite classes of the society, etc.; a job wherein, you get to live your hobby, and also earn a living. A personal stylist cover letter will help an aspiring candidate to explain his/her capability and talent to the employer, and outperform the other candidates applying for the same position.

The key to an effective cover letter is answering the job requirements put forth by the employer. When the employer posts a job vacancy, he/she has a set of requirements from the candidate applying for the same. He/she would expect the candidate to fulfill certain responsibilities and eligibility criteria. Thus, understanding the same is essential before writing a cover letter. For the same reason, we have given below a brief job description for the said profile.

Job Description: A personal Stylist will perform the following duties -

  • He/she has to be completely aware of the social image of his/her client
  • Should understand the environment in which the client lives
  • Should be aware of his/her social circle, professional environment, etc.
  • Should understand the physical attributes of the client, his/her taste in terms of fashion, etc.
  • Should be updated with the latest trend in fashion
  • Should have good knowledge and understanding of the market, fabric, designs, brands, etc.
  • Should be able to get the best deals for the client
  • Shop for the client or accompany them while shopping
  • Help the client understand and choose the best for him/her, etc.

After understanding the requirements of the position, read the cover letter given below, and draft a similar letter for your job application.

Sample Personal Stylist Cover Letter - for an experienced candidate

Sheryl I. Bailey
2823 Hamill Avenue
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-217-2319
Email Address:

January 17, 2012

The Manager
Charles D. Kondo
2253 Joanne Lane
Lawrence, MA 01840

Dear Mr. Kondo,

I am Sheryl Bailey, working as a Personal Stylist to Mrs. Oakwood, since last two years, in California. I read the job advertisement in Style Magazine given by you, requesting for applications to work as a Personal Stylist for your boss Mrs. Obama. I am very much interested in this position, and would like to apply for the same.

I have completed a Fashion Designing Course from the Institute of Fashion Design, CA in the year 2009. Since then I have been working for the Oakwood family. Mrs. Oakwood is a renowned entrepreneur and a social figure. She is very particular about what she wears. I have succeeded in understanding her requirements, and giving her the best wardrobe. She has been in the top 10 list of fashion figures of 2010 and 2011. I thoroughly understand fashion, fabric, and brands.

Mrs. Obama is one of the richest women entrepreneurs of USA, and I am thoroughly aware of her social presence. She makes many public, professional and personal appearances, and the lime light follows her every time. Thus, she has to be the best, and not to forget that she is ranked at the third position of best-dressed women in USA. Her favorite brands are Versace and Armani; however, she also likes to experiment with new looks and brands. Thus, she would be pretty excited to see my designs, and would allow me to design some dresses solely for her.

It would bring immense pleasure to me to work for her. I have enclosed my resume herewith, and a few snaps of the most followed fashion styles created by me. Please look into the same, and call me for an interview as per your convenience.

Looking forward to meet you at the earliest.

Thank you.

Sheryl I. Bailey

  1. Resume
  2. Snaps

Referring to the sample personal stylist cover letter given above, a job applicant can draft a cover letter for him/her. A fresher can stress on his/her qualifications and understanding of fashion, to grab a job opportunity. You can view Cover Letter for Ballet Dancer and Cover Letter for Cartoonist for more sample cover letters. Also, refer to Hair Stylist Cover Letter.

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