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Baker Cover Letter

A baker cover letter should reflect the capabilities of the applicant of being a good cook. A baker cover letter must display the applicant's skills and proficiency in the field and his credentials must relate to the job profile. Applicants must present their letter in good language with proper use of words such that the letter is attractive and persuasive. Applicants who don't have a job experience must mention about their educational qualifications and other features that reflect their creative culinary skills. Below are two cover letter samples that will help applicants in writing more suitable and appropriate cover letters for their job application.

Baker cover letter sample for applicants with no experience

Applicants with no experience in baking must write their cover letter for their job application more efficiently drawing the attention of the recruiter toward the creative and superior culinary aspects of the candidate. Basically applicants who have just completed their education or applicants who have no experience in cooking fall in this category. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with no experience.

Sample baker cover letter (fresher)

Ron Atkinson
20th Boulevard Street, Denver
Manhattan, New York City
Contact no: 345 567 23324


Mr. Roger Hamilton
Human Resource Executive
Delicious Bakery
45th Elm Street, Hell's Kitchen
Manhattan, New York City

Dear Mr. Hamilton

I recently came across an advertisement in the New York Times about the vacancy of a baker in your bakery. I am sending you this application along with my resume and educational details for your review.

I have an inclination towards cooking since my teen age days and I am fond of baking bread and cakes since my childhood days. My fondness began to take a turn towards becoming a future profession when I joined cooking and catering classes during my graduation. I did my schooling as a full timer and joined New York university for doing my graduation in liberal arts. While pursuing my graduation I did a diploma degree in culinary and cooking from NY University.

I have learnt how to bake a variety of food items and am familiar with the timing, mixing and measurement, use of ingredients, etc in cakes, breads, pastries, sandwiches, and combination items. I am very hard working and know how to work under pressure. I know how to maintain a healthy communication among co-workers and can work efficiently in teams. Cooking and baking is a very creative line and I believe I possess the necessary skills and knowledge and can use my expertise as a baker in your bakery.

I am eagerly waiting to start my career as a baker in your company and looking forward to meet you in person for my interview and know more about the post and the company. Thanking you for considering time to review my resume and letter.

Yours faithfully
Ron Atkinson

Enclosures: resume, educational certificates, appreciation letter.

Baker cover letter sample for applicants with experience

Applicants with experience in cooking and baking can mention about their work experience in their cover letter. Applicants can write about the duties they performed and the type work they did in their previous company to make the letter look appealing and persuasive to the recruiter. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with experience in cooking and culinary job line.

Sample baker cover letter (experienced)

David Cooper
1012 Silk Street, Green Park
Miami, Florida
Contact no: 234 890 23


Mr. Dave Myers
Manager, Human Resource
Yummy Bakery
17th Beach Road, Back Bay Area
Miami, Florida

Dear Mr. Dave

On seeing the advertisement of the vacancy of a baker in your bakery on, I am sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your review.

I have an experience of working as a baker in Delicious Bakery for a year and was assigned for both cooking and baking food items. I have worked there primarily as a baker and baked a variety of items from cakes to breads and different types of other products. My specialty is in baking a variety of cakes and pastries with complete knowledge of a variety of cake and pastry recipes that are prevalent around the globe.

I have completed my graduation in social science and did a 1 year 6 month diploma course in cooking and catering from Kitchen World Institute. I worked as a cook in Arroba Restaurant for three months while I was engaged in the diploma course. I have the potential to work under pressure and can co-relate with coworkers easily.

I am eagerly waiting for your response and hope I get the opportunity to meet you face to face for a detailed discussion about the work and for my interview purpose. Thank you for considering my application and resume.

Yours sincerely
David Cooper

Enclosures: Resume, appreciation letter, reference letter

The above samples will definitely help applicants write a better baker cover letter for their job application. Also, you can refer to Cover Letter for Research Assistant and Cover Letter for Resident Assistant for more sample letters.

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