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Executive Assistant Cover Letter

Executive assistant cover letter is similar to any other cover letter that is written in a particular way. An executive assistant is a person who handles an array of administrative as well as executive tasks with limited or no supervision. As per the present scenario of the market, you have to gear up for cut throat competition. You have to present your cover letter in such a way that it highlights your capabilities and qualifications and paves the way to your applied post. Your cover letter, when accompanied by your resume aims to make you stand out as a unique candidate from amongst the several applications for the post.

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Format

Sender's Details: This section of the Executive assistant cover letter comprises of the sender's details such as name, email along with postal address and contact details. The necessary details can be placed either at the left side or it can be placed at the top of the page.

Addressee's Details: After the date, you should provide the details of the person to whom you are writing to. As such, it comprises of his or her name, the designation he or she holds in a particular organization. In addition, try to specify the organization's name as well as address.

Salutation: When you begin to write a Cover letter for Executive administrative assistant, this section should start with the letter along with the reader's address. Therefore, the universal format is to keep it formal and address directly by names, as per the format provided below.

Name of the Sender
Postal Address
Email Address
Contact Number(s)


Name of the Addressee
Designation in the Organization
Name of the organization
Postal Address
City, State, Zip Code

Mr. / Miss.____________

Re: application for the concerned post

Introduction and body of the cover letter

Closing and thank you line

Yours Sincerely,


Applicant's Name

Enclosures: Resume, Certificates, Additional Credentials and Experience letter.

This is the universal format for writing cover letters. The following sample will provide you a better understanding.

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example

Christian Yang
Downtown Housing Society,
Folkravaen Arena, Lane - 134, Block G,
Contact Number - (345) 0000 123


Kyle Foss
Human Resources Department
Downtown Finance Organization
191 Sidestone Lane, Crichton,

Mr. Kyle,

Re: Application for Executive Assistant

I earnestly thank you for posting the notice for vacancy of the Executive Assistant post in Downtown Finance Organization online on the official website of the government legal aid,, dated 23/06/2011.

I have earned a Second Grade Certificate for Office Administration and have specialized in managing meetings and a range of general administrative tasks, distributing agendas, handling various management meetings, etc. In addition, to it I possess solid experience, excellent interpersonal skills, great customer service and administrative abilities. Therefore, I am sure that my achievements and hard working nature reflected in my resume would match with the requirements you have mentioned and would convince you to grant me an opportunity for a personal interview with you. Therefore I am sure you will find me to be a suitable candidate for the said post.

I am very confident about the skills and experience and this will be an asset to your Downtown Finance Organization. Hence, I will wait for your call or email in the above mentioned details. Thanking you sincerely.

Faithfully Yours,
Christina Yang


    1. Resume
  1. Letter of Recommendation
  2. Award Certificates
  3. Experience Certificates
  4. Identity Proof
  5. Address Proof
  6. Acting Specialized Course Certificate
  7. Educational Certificates

Remember that confidence that stems from being genuine and it is only by being sincere that you would make a lasting impression. Never bluff, but try and realize your strong points and make it your marketing USP. Follow this format and use the sample given above for drafting an effective executive assistant cover letter for you. Remember the tips for writing cover letters and don't forget to customize it according to the specific requirements issued by the employers or recruiters. Also, you can review Sample of Research Assistant Cover Letter and Sample of Resident Assistant Cover Letter for samples of letters. Wishing you a bright future!

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