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Research Assistant Cover Letter

Every field needs to continuously update and meet the rising demands and expectations of the customers. Every field needs to come up with new ideas, and bring in variations. For this, it becomes important for every organization to conduct research in their field, and analyze the research. For example, prior to launching some new product, the organization will want to know about the demand of the product. This makes it essential for them to appoint a Market Research Analyst, who will undertake the research and also analyze the same. Research Analysts are needed in different fields such as operations, R&D, marketing, etc. This person is responsible for conducting timely research activities, and analysis of research data to come up with solutions and ideas, or to help the organization take a decision. The sample Research Analyst cover letter given below will help you understand more about this job profile, and apply for the same.

1. Sample Research Analyst cover letter (R&D department of defense)

12th September 2011
Veronica Smith
23rd Avenue Lane, Bell Street
Home city, Home State
USA - 12304
(040) 800 769 111 008

Mr. Jim Carry,
The Director,
Research and Development Unit,
Defense Council,
New York City,
USA - 12308
Dear Mr. Carry,

I am writing this letter to offer my candidacy for the post of Research Analyst with your esteemed organization, as advertised on your official website ''. I have attached my resume along with, for your perusal.

You will note that I have done my PhD in 'Advanced Technology Application' from New York University, and have more than 5 years of experience in the field of research and analysis. I am sure, with my knowledge and expertise gained over time, I will be able to meet your organizational requirements; together we contribute a lot to national security.

Working with your organization I will get a chance to work for my nation, and do my bit for the nation. My experience and expertise in the field of research, if put to use for the defense of the nation, will make me feel very proud of myself.

Looking forward to meet you and discuss the job opportunity further, so that we can mutually benefit each other.

Thanking in anticipation for your time.

Veronica Smith
(040) 800 769 111 008

2. Sample Research Analyst Cover Letter (A fresher in the field of research applying for the position of Market Research Analyst)

12th September 2011
Suzanne Mac,
Human Resource Manager,
4515, SpringVale Blvd.,
Park Shine Street,
Holy Cross Lane,
NY - 84512
Ph: 66 111 0202

Brain Scan Tech Firm,
Ms. Maria Blue,
2754 Station Avenue,
South Valley,
NY - 84514

Dear Ms. Blue,

I am Suzanne Mac and I am writing this with reference to the 'Market Research Analyst' requirement put forth by your organization. I have 6 years of experience in the field of Marketing, and now wish to use my experience to work as a Research Analyst with your firm.

In my 6 years of career, I have had a complete idea of this field and am well aware of all kinds of marketing strategies, requirements, tricks, demands, trends, etc. I have although not worked as a core Analyst, but I have always undertaken different research programs before implementing any strategy, and have assisted the Market Research department of my organization.

I have enclosed my resume herewith. It will give you an answer to all your queries, and will tell you about my work and expertise. To prove my point I have highlighted some of the skills that make me apt for this position.

Your RequirementsMy Skills
1. A thorough knowledge of customer demand and psychology to plan or help in strategy makingA Marketing Management pass out with 6 years of field experience and strategy making
2. Understand the trend and analyze the sameStudying market trend since past five years and planning accordingly
3. Good at making reports and presenting the sameMaking reports as per the research and presenting the same to the heads for approval

These are just a few points that will interest you to read my resume. Do consider calling me for an interview.

I would be glad to meet you and am sure that it will prove to be a fruitful decision for the organization and myself.

Waiting for your positive response.

Thank you

Suzanne Mac
66 111 0202

Enclosure: Resume

The above Research Analyst sample cover letters are only illustrative, and can be made more effective by further relevance to the job position, and personal attributes meeting the requirements. The sample letters given for two different fields will help you understand how to customize your letter for your field. In case of a complete fresher, one who has no work experience at all, some organizations do provide an opportunity as an 'Entry Level Analyst'. If you wish to work as an Analyst, then you can try for this position and stress more on your academics and internship to prove yourself. All this will help you win the desired job opportunity. Also, you can review Baker Cover Letter Example, Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example and Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example for more letter examples.

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