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Attorney Cover Letters

Just as every other profession is important, so is that of the lawyers and legal personnel. Infact, this is a critical profession, and the person drafting a cover letter for the purpose of a job in this field, has to be utmost precise and tactful. The present job market is very competitive, and therefore, the applicants who have studied law have to be very perfect in drafting the attorney cover letter. The job of an attorney is very crucial, and the person who has sought degrees in law is considered to be an important decision maker in all legal matters.

An attorney is a legally appointed person on behalf of somebody else to undertake matters related to law. All those who have worked as attorneys, or are thinking of applying as fresh candidates, should follow a certain amount of legal jargon in the cover letter for attorneys. This does not have to be over written though. While writing any cover letter for legal purposes, it has to have the below mentioned things:

  • Precise and concise
  • Systematically structured
  • Convincing and well reasoned
  • Correct in terms of grammar and punctuation

Having a cover letter is mandatory, because it serves two purposes; first it gives a short yet powerful insight about the person's merits, and then highlights why the applicant is important to be chosen for this job.

There are certain important points which should be followed while drafting an attorney cover letter, these are as follows:

Format: A cover letter should be completely professional, and it should not have any typing errors or mistakes in sentence construction. In simple words, a cover letter should always seem like a business letter. In the age of computers nowadays, documents are sent across via computers. Therefore, a resume or a cover letter can be sent as a soft copy through a computer. The cover letter should not look over done and filled with unnecessary fonts. At this stage, a cover letter should not exceed more than one page.

Text: The cover letter should not include any unnecessary details. The applicant must target only those employers that are in the geographical periphery. The skills and qualifications must be aimed only at those employers, where the applicant thinks is more suitable to them, or they fit perfectly in such a job post. An effective text in a cover letter should not exceed more than 2 to 3 paragraphs. Also, they should be concise and be based on the below mentioned points:

  • The reason for contacting the employer
  • Particular interest in the job with regards to geographical location
  • Reasons for showing interest in the legal practices carried out by the firm
  • The achievements, accomplishments and skills that the applicant has acquired, and the way they will be useful to that particular position
  • Interest regarding the interview schedule

Details about the legal company: If the applicant has some amount of knowledge about the legal practices of the firm, this can be an added advantage. It can show that the applicant knows a bit about the company, and that is what drove them to apply for such a job. The applicant can express interest in the kind of work that the employer has been doing, by depicting passion for such kind of work. He or she can add points that show their interest in applying for such a job, due to the legal practices followed by the company. This helps in establishing a close rapport with the employer, and can turn out to be a very positive approach in gaining the job position.

If the applicant has mentioned details about the company's knowledge in the cover letter, he or she can also mention how their skills guided them to seek this job. This can turn out to be a point of interest to the employer, and add greater chances of grabbing the job.

The job of the applicant, who has sent the resume for the post of an attorney, does not just end here. He or she has to keep a follow up regarding the resume. This shows that the candidate is actually interested in the job. Here, you can see some cover letter examples related to attorney.

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