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Basic Cover Letters

A cover letter as the name itself suggests is a document that is used to provide an introduction to the resume. It is a letter of introduction and plays a crucial role when you apply for a job. Earlier, when the candidates used to send the hard copy, the cover letter was typically attached on the top of the resume. Thus, it used to serve the purpose of covering the resume and thus it got its name as 'cover letter'. In the present job conditions a cover letter is essential, as it plays an important role in your job search. You must have an impressive resume ready with you, if want to get a call back from an employer regarding a job interview.

Many people feel it as a tantamount task to craft a cover letter, but it is not so tough. If you are new to cover letters, then you can refer some samples online, and get an idea so as to write a cover letter. There are many websites dedicated to help people get jobs with the help of their resumes and cover letters. You can take advantage of these websites and write a cover letter that will fetch you an interview call for your dream job. You will have the maximum chance of getting an interview call, if you have a great cover letter and a great resume. A well-written cover letter helps you stand out of the crowd.

Many people think that a cover letter is not essential, while applying for a job, but time has changed since the last few years. Maybe a cover letter became more important than it ever was. Writing a basic cover letter does not require much experience, but you need to know the elements of such a cover letter and an impressive way to present those elements. Apart from the websites, you can also take help of some books or resume creators, who charge you some bucks to create your resume.

There is no magic formula to craft a great or job winning cover letter. It is essential to know what to include in this document. You need to know the several sections that comprise of an attractive cover letter. There are several sections in a cover letter like the formal letters. It consists of address, contact details, salutation, subscription and the body. All these sections should be mentioned properly in your cover letter. These sections in a combined form make your cover letter look attractive and impressive.

Now, if you have a look minutely at the title 'basic cover letter', as the name suggests is a 'no-frills' cover letter format. It means a cover letter that incorporates only the necessary details. These types of cover letters provide just basic information to your resume or CV. It is considered as a basic cover letter, when you compare it with a descriptive cover letter. Anyways writing a basic cover letter is also a good practice because it consists all the necessary details that is needed to impress an employer in a short and precise manner. It would also take less time of an employer to go through.

What should you mention in a basic cover letter?

These basic cover letters start with the job seeker’s address, followed by the potential employer's address. Generally, these cover letters are of just one paragraph. In this paragraph, mention the source of the job vacancy, introduce yourself to the potential employer, mention how you suit the job profile, and make the employer aware of the attached resume. An employer has to take a decision based on just one paragraph, whether you should be called for an interview or not. So, you need to be very careful while writing a basic cover letter.

Even though a basic cover letter needs to be short and precise, you should not skip any important details that are essential for an employer to know. If you sacrifice any important information for the sake of the format, you might sacrifice your chance of getting an interview call. So, always remember that though short, you should be precise and to the point while writing your basic cover letter.

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