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The trend of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is increasing day by day. Many organizations prefer to outsource their secondary tasks, so that they can concentrate on the core tasks or goals of the organization. Almost every organization; be it manufacturing or service organization, all need a support center. Now since their core responsibility is manufacturing or coming up with new service products and plans, they outsource the other tasks. For example, a mobile phone manufacturer will outsource the 'customer service' task to another organization. This will help the manufacturing company concentrate on the core activity of 'manufacturing', and also keep its customer satisfied by good customer service. Such organizations usually need people with good communication skills. Even undergraduates can easily apply for such positions. Thus, a huge number of candidates wish to apply for these positions, and they look for tips to write good BPO cover letters.

The basic purpose of this letter is to convince the employer that you are the perfect candidate, and get you an edge over the others. In BPO industry, communication is the basic requirement. Now, since you do not get to meet the employer directly, you can prove your communication skills through this letter. Good written communication skills without any grammatical errors, with proper salutation and clear communication will speak for you.

There are different types of processes in a BPO. Some are inbound processes, wherein the customers call the executives in case of any doubts or help. Others are outbound processes wherein the executive has to call clients and pitch them for products, policies, or make collections. Some other processes are a mix of both inbound and outbound processes.

You need to decide which process you would like to be a part of. The outbound processes need a person who has strong convincing powers (sales process), and in collection processes, the individual is expected to be strong and rigid. Thus, based on your interest, you need to project yourself accordingly. If you think you are good at convincing, and can easily sell goods or policies, then you can opt for the same. The inbound process on the other hand needs a person who has the patience to listen to others, and help them with their doubts, queries or problems. Thus, decide what skills you have, and what area you would like to work in; accordingly project these skills in the letter.

The letter should not be more than one page with maximum 4 paragraphs. Do not make it look like your resume. Include only the important information in this letter. For example, include the information of your experience, position, and type of process. Try to explain your job responsibilities in one or two sentences. This will give an idea to the employer about your eligibility for the applied position. This will let him/her make a partial judgment about your abilities and capabilities, even before taking a detailed look at your resume.

The BPO industry many times has a 24X7 work environment. The employer will choose candidates who are comfortable working in a 24X7 environment. Communicate to the employer about your flexibility in terms of work hours, and in some cases work location as well.

General Format for Writing Great Cover Letter:

Every cover letter follows a standard format. The inner content varies from person to person and from industry to industry. The next few paragraphs will help you understand the format of this letter.

  1. Top left hand corner - Name, email address, contact number
  2. Addressed to - Find out the name of the concerned person by calling up at the reception of the organization
  3. Salutation: Dear Mr._____ or Dear Ms._______
  4. First paragraph - Introduce yourself and mention the position applied for
  5. Second paragraph - detail on your skills,, experience and qualifications that justify you for applying for the said position
  6. Third paragraph: In this paragraph let the employer be a little proud of himself/herself. Boast about the organization and let them know what is that excites you to be a part of their organization
  7. Last paragraph - Do not just end your letter hastily. Request the employer to give you a chance for an interview. End it with a positive note.
  8. A simple line 'Thanking you in anticipation', shows your courtesy. Thank the reader for the action he/she has not yet taken.

This is a basic standard format of a cover letter. BPO cover letter is not an exception. It is also written on the same grounds. Just try to tailor fit your skills and abilities as per the requirements put forth by the employer. Refer to some of the sample BPO cover letters given in the links below to get a better idea.

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