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Business Cover Letters

Business letters are different from the letters you write for other humanities, academics or social sciences. While writing business letters, you must know the exact trick and technique of writing an apt business letter that will give you the desired result. Be it a job application letter, cover letter, request letter to a client, etc. it has to be written in a particular way that gives it a professional look. Similarly, when you write business cover letters, you must understand the purpose of this letter and how a perfect business cover letter should be.

There are some basic principles that you must keep in mind while writing such business letters or cover letters. These basic principles are:

  1. It has to be very precise and succinct. It should be accurate and to the point. This means that it is written with a specific purpose in mind, and this purpose should be clearly depicted and written in stories or puzzled around with words.
  2. When you write a business letter, you must assume that the reader does not have much time. He cannot read something that goes round and round the topic, so speak directly to the point. When it comes to business, the reader is interested to know how you or your skill will make a difference to the business. Thus, speak to the point.
  3. This is not a very legal language like the one used in contracts or agreements or very conversational like the one in emails. It is in the midway of these two extremes. This style is appropriate where you keep things formal, yet informative and conversational.

Most of the times this letter is your first impression on the reader. It can be the last impression and you might not get a chance to prove yourself, if you mess up with this. When you write a business cover letter, the main aim should be to present yourself to the employer. The letter should communicate your personality to the employer and answer the question 'Why should I select you?'

This letter should be brief and not descriptive. However, it should still contain all the necessary information about you, your experience and your skills. It should be able to hold the reader's attention, and interest him/her to further read your resume.

The body of the letter:

A business cover letter usually has three paragraphs. While writing a cover letter, one usually gets confused with what one should include in this letter. This ends up with long letters, which is a strict taboo for business cover letters.

The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. It should introduce you, speak about your qualifications and post your wish to apply for. It should be limited to 2-3 lines only.

The second part gives you a chance to detail on your skills. In this paragraph, speak how you satisfy the employer's job requirement, your experience, skills and achievements. In the next paragraph, mention what you do for the organization, and why would you be glad to be a part of it. End it by thanking the reader for his/her time, and request for an action on the part of the employer.

At the end, write your name and mention your contact number an email address below it. Always make it simple for the employer to find your contact details. Never let him/her search for your contact details. They do not have ample time to keep looking for your contact details. The other very important point is to always keep your contacts updated. Avoid changing your contact number or email address frequently. If the employer likes your letter and resume, and wish to reach you, but your cell is not reachable, he/she will not take the efforts to find your current number, and simply move on to the next candidate.

Writing a business cover letter might look a little difficult initially. However, once you understand the concept and get used to writing cover letters, this will not be difficult any more. For understanding it better, refer to sample business cover letters given below. These samples will give you a clear idea of how a perfect business cover letter should look, and clear all your doubts and fears about writing a perfect business cover letter.

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