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Career Change Cover Letter

A career change cover letter is written by those applicants who are looking forward to change their career from one field to the other. For successfully changing the career from one sector to a totally new sector, one needs to furnish an effective cover letter that explains their potential in the new field. Career shifting is a challenging endeavor and applicants may face rejections as candidates do not possess any work experience in the new field they are applying for. Furnishing a proper resume also provides little assistance in the career change job application process as there is nothing more or extra to add in the resume rather than academics, job experience, skills, etc. that applicants acquired previously. But by drafting a brilliantly furnished cover letter, applicants can catch the attention of the employer by explaining their potential and capabilities in an assertive and positive manner.

In the recent times employees tend to prefer career changes as working in the same field becomes boring and work gets monotonous. Candidates select a change or shift in their career trajectory because of several reasons. Some of the most important reasons why employers select a career shift are mentioned below.

  • Boredom: To get rid of the monotony applicants suffer from after working for a considerably long period of time in the same field.
  • High Salary: If employees see the possibility of earning more in a different field there is a chance of job shifting.
  • For knowledge: Employees may shift to a new job line in order to learn more and attain experience in different sectors of work.
  • Personal interest: If employee has a keen interest in a different sector of profession, they may look forward to a change and shift from the present post and company they are employed in.

For a successful job shifting one must start from the grass root level and prepare well for the job application. Furnishing an excellent cover letter is important as cover letters and resumes are given a great amount of value in a job application. Although writing an excellent cover letter does not provide a hundred percent guarantee in the job application and applicants have to do well in the interview rounds too, approval for a face to face meet up and interview totally depends on the cover letter that one drafts while applying for a job. So writing a proper cover letter is of great importance if one wants to be successful in their job application.

Writing a career change cover letter that will be both appreciated and approved by the employer is not that daunting a task and by following certain rules and guidelines one can draft an excellently worded cover letter. In a job shift or career change cover letter, applicants must try to focus on the personality traits, positive professional abilities, potential and capabilities, rather than their work experience and academics. Portrayal of achievements and professional skills is also essential. Below given are some rules an guidelines that one must follow while writing a career change cover letter.

Guidelines for writing a career change cover letter

  • Online research helps in gaining more knowledge on the technique and writing style of the letter. Several websites provide cover letter samples and assistance for constructing better cover letters independently. So a bit of online browsing and research is recommended before commencing towards writing the cover letter.
  • Format is the most important part of a job cover letter. It gives the letter it basic structure and is the backbone of the letter. Applicants must follow a proper format for writing their cover letter for career change purpose. Different types of format samples are available online and applicants can select one as per their choice.
  • An official tone must be maintained while writing the letter. Cover letters and resumes are official documents and must be written professionally using a professional tone. No informal or casual words must be sued.
  • The cover letter must be brief and should be written to the point. Additional or irrelevant information must not be provided.
  • Important facts like addresses, contact details, email addresses, must be mentioned appropriately so as to make it easy for the recruiter to get in touch if the cover letter is approved.
  • Applicants must mention their skills and expertise emphatically.
  • Applicants must write the letter in an easy to understand language so that it becomes easy for the reader to understand and interpret.

By following the above tips and guidelines applicants looking forward for a career change can construct an effective career change cover letter that will surely serve its purpose. Also, you can refer to Relocation Cover Letters if you are ready to change your current location for the job.

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