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Every organization needs a strong communication. Internal communication with the employees and external communication with the clients is the key to success. Realizing the importance of communication, some organizations have set up independent communications department. This department is responsible for all the internal and external communications of the organization. It serves as the voice of the management internally, and as the face of the organization to the clients. This has led to many opportunities coming up in the field of communication. If this profile interests you, draft a communications profile resume for yourself, and we will help you write a communication cover letter. This letter will help you make your resume more attractive, and directly grab the reader's attention from amongst the number of resumes he/she gets for the particular profile.

Job responsibilities:

The communications department of the organization is set up for effective communication internally and externally. You working in this department will be expected to handle the following job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for effective communication - internal and external
  2. Draft proper communication plans that will help in communicating the ideas, policies, etc. effectively to the employees, or for that matter to the clients (internal communication - employees and external communication - clients)
  3. Responsible for deciding and working on the contents to be included in the monthly magazine, encouraging employees to give their contribution of thoughts for the same, meeting with different department heads to know about their plans, etc. so that it can be communicated effectively to the employees and shareholders
  4. Assist in making the introductory presentation used to pitch clients, and update the same as and when required
  5. Work in coordination with different department heads and see to it that every piece of information is communicated effectively

Written or spoken communication, both are very important for this profile. Within an organization, written communication is as important as spoken communication. Circulars, letters, informative mailers, etc. are very important, and while drafting this, any miscommunication will lead to big mistakes or confusions. You get a chance to prove your written communication by writing a cover letter that communicates effectively what you want to communicate.

There are different positions in this department. Find out which position suits you. Cover letter template can also be used to apply for a job with an organization, even if the organization has not published about it. You can write an 'unsolicited cover letter' that will help the employer know that you possess the specific skills and are interested in working for the specific profile or department with the organization. In case they have any requirements, they might consider your application. Similarly, when you respond to any job advertisement, you write a solicited cover letter. In this letter, you mention the source through which you got the information about the job opportunity.

Applying for a communications profile, your communication (written or spoken) becomes very important. You would not be excused for any typos, grammatical errors or incorrect framing of sentences. You would be expected to be perfect in communication. Thus, make sure that you avoid these mistakes. Such mistakes are not accepted in cover letters, and these are not tolerable for a communication profile aspirer.

Content of a communications cover letter:

A communications cover letter is similar to any normal job cover letter that you write. To help you with it, here is an explanation, with some examples of what you can write in your cover letter.

  1. The header of the cover letter and your resume should be the same. Copy it from your resume, and paste it in your letter.
  2. The next part is addressing or salutation. Address your letter to the person who is responsible for short-listing the resumes for the position you are applying for. Find out that particular person's name, and address the letter to him/her
  3. The beginning of the letter will introduce you the position you are applying for, and the source of information. For example, 'I am XYZ and wish to apply for the post of 'internal communication executive' as published in the New York Daily, dated 30th August, 2011'. In case of unsolicited letter, you need to write that you are interested in working in the specific department. For example, 'I am XYZ, a Communications Graduate, and am looking for an opportunity to work in the communications department of your organization'.
  4. The next paragraph, will detail on your skills and work experience. Mention about the number of years of experience you have, and in short, write about your job responsibilities as well.
  5. The third paragraph will let the employer know why you are interested in working with this particular organization.
  6. The last paragraph should thank the reader, and let him/her know that you area available for an interview.
  7. Sign your letter and again write your contact number and email address at the end, so that the reader if finds you accurate, can give you a call then and there, and not scroll up again to get your number.

Referring to some communication cover letter samples given below, write an effective cover letter for your resume.

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