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Construction Cover Letters

Construction is a field that will never see an end in demand. There can be a slight decline in a certain area when the area is completely developed, but the demand will never end. It will definitely be seen in other areas, and in fact, in the other areas, the demand will see a rise. Thus, this industry has a constant demand and needs good manpower. This interests many to be a part of this industry. Many job opportunities keep coming up and aspiring candidates apply for the same. For a single job, the employer will receive 'n' number of resumes. The fact is that the employer does not read all the resumes he/she gets. The employer is so experienced, that he/she merely decides whether you are suitable for the position or not in just 5 seconds. You thus have to grab his/her attention, and make him/her read your complete resume with interest and attention. This can be done with the help of a cover letter. In this section, we would discuss the construction cover letters.

The construction and civil engineering field is seeing a tremendous growth. New techniques and methods adopted in construction need skilled manpower for the same. Thus, there are immense opportunities in this sector.

How should your cover letter be?

The construction cover letter that you write should complement your resume. You might be an architect, civil engineer, interior decorator, etc. Your resume will give the details of your qualification related to this field, and the skills that you developed, will justify your competency for the said job profile. When you send in your resume, there will be many competitors who send their resumes for the same job opportunity. You thus need to make an effort to stand out amongst them. Here is when the cover letter comes in picture. Mostly, you send your resumes via email, so the email body gives you a good chance of communicating with the employer.

  1. The cover letter will have your name, contact number, email address and date on the top left of the page. This should be similar to your resume. You can thus copy it from your resume, and paste it in the cover letter as the header of the letter.

  2. Below this, write the name of the person whom you wish to address this letter to. This person is mostly someone from the human resource department of the organization, who would short list the resumes. Usually, while posting the job opportunity, over the internet, the concerned person mentions his/her name. Sometimes there is no name mentioned in it, in such case do not make a generalized address. Try to find out the concerned person's name, either by surfing the organization chart, or by giving a call to the receptionist. A personalized address is more impactful than a generalized address. You can either write 'To, _______' or directly start your letter with a salutation, for example 'Dear Mr. Mike'.

  3. Introduce your self. Mention you name, the source from where you came to know about the opportunity, and the post you wish to apply for. If you are writing this letter in response to a print advertisement, mention it in your letter. If someone from the organization has informed you about the position, mention that person's name. Of course, you need to talk about this to that person, before mentioning his/her name in the letter.

  4. After introducing yourself, and mentioning the position, give some background details. For example, 'I Have completed my Master's in Construction Management, from the University of New York. I have a work experience of more than two years, wherein I have handled many projects independently. I have had an active participation in all aspects, right from choosing the site, material procurement, design finalization, on site management and assure effectiveness and efficiency in the production processes'. In these three lines, you smartly speak about your degree, your experience, as well as your job responsibility. If the employer reads this, he/she can come to an opinion that you have almost all the qualities they are looking for. You mention all this, and still not make your letter look like your resume.

  5. The third paragraph should bring in some 'feel good factor' for the organization. Research about the services, the clientele, the testimonials, etc. of the organization, by seeing their website. Pick up some points that are the USP for them, and mention in your letter. For example, 'Muscat Constructions is a leading firm in the construction industry and has successfully completed over 200+ projects. Every project completed by your organization is a symbol of creativity, technology and eco-friendliness. This motivates me to be a part of your organization, because you don't just construct buildings but construct beautiful homes'. Here you mention the strengths of the organization, and relate the same to your interests.

  6. Last paragraph is written with the aim of getting an interview call from the employer, and thanking him/her for reading the letter. Also, thank the reader in anticipation for further action he/she would take. This will show your courtesy. Mention you name again and your email address and contact number at the end.

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