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Copywriter Cover Letters

Copywriter cover letters need lots of care and considerations while drafting. This is because being a copywriter; you should be able to write a unique and inspiring cover letter. This is also the primary and the most important quality desired in a copywriter.

A copywriter is the person who writes/creates copy of text used to promote an organizational product/service /idea to its target customers. The text material created should be unique, and free from plagiarism of any kind. This in fact requires a great deal of language proficiency, in terms of writing skills and creativity. Keeping these attributes of a copywriter in mind, it is important that the cover letters for copywriter resume too or equally impressive.

Copywriter cover letters give the candidates an ideal opportunity to exhibit their skills, both professional and personal in the best of ways possible. These skills otherwise don't find any space in a resume to be illustrated. A cover letter is helpful in giving a befitting introduction to your job application, which otherwise would have contained only the resume and relevant documents. You can use the cover letter as an effective tool to guide the attention of the employers to the specific sections of your resume, and highlight the aspects which you feel are crucial, to meet the desired job profile. You can also use the cover letter, as a marketing platform to promote your optimality for the job position.

Though many times, we tend to undermine the importance of a cover letter, we cannot ignore the fact that they at times play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the selection process. With increasing competition, organizations are now looking for individuals who are not only technically sound, but also possess team building skills, and can be a motivational team member. These skills can be better explained through the cover letter. Thus, copywriter cover letters can be considered as an additional opportunity to get a competitive advantage over other candidates.

Also, being a synopsis of your resume, employers find it convenient and time saving to view copywriter cover letters, rather than resumes of the applicants for the purpose of short listing, as all resumes tend to be similar. We have listed below a few examples of copywriter cover letters for ready reference. However, to personalize them to match your profile and the given job description, the following tips will be beneficial.

Guidelines for copywriter cover letters

  • The foremost thing to be kept in mind while writing a cover letter is that it should be able to establish a balance between you and the desired candidate profile. The letter should portray the same professionalism as exhibited by you.

  • While writing the cover letter, use of simple language is recommended. Don't use complex words if you are not comfortable with them. It can lend you in troubled moments in the later stages of the selection process.

  • Use a formal layout for the letter. It should be at par with the industrial trend, and acceptable by professional standards. There can be slight variations depending upon the mode of mail you chose.

  • For the salutation, use of second name is recommended. Otherwise, you may address the person with the designation he/she holds. Use of generic salutations is always a safer alternative in case of any uncertainties. Do take proper care of the gender and prefixes to the name, if any.

  • The subject of your letter should be as asked by the employer or the title of the post applied for.

  • Begin your letter with a short introductory paragraph giving details of the source you got the job information from. In the next paragraph, you may share your professional and personal details which you feel are supportive to your candidacy claim. Do not mention any unwanted information which is not relevant to the job profile. You can even highlight certain aspects mentioned in the resume, if you consider them crucial for winning the job opportunity. An appropriate conclusion will give the required finishing touch to your letter. You can use the cover letter to express your desire to meet the employer in personal, and discuss the job further.

  • You must sound optimistic throughout the letter.

  • Before mailing, check for any errors, and append your signature. You may use digital signature if sending the application by email.

While including personal ideas in the cover letters, retain the professionalism required to create impressive job winning copywriter cover letters.

Further you may refer to the sample copywriter cover letters given below for implementation of these guidelines.

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