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Cover Letter Guidelines

Cover Letter Guidelines are those basic tips which have to be keenly followed while writing a cover letter. We initially need to know what cover letters are.

Cover letters are business style letters which encloses resumes. They are attached above the resume to make a clear sketch of the candidate's personality, education, skills and experiences. It works as an introduction of the candidate to an employer, and it convinces the employer to read the resume. The cover letter has the capabilities of making the employer go through your CV or ignore it. So, this makes clear enough, for an opportunity you need to make the cover letter impressive and entertaining to the employer. A little effort made on the cover letter can make it really effective and worth attention. There could be different reasons for writing a cover letter:

  • It could be for responding to a job opening. This category of the cover letter is called an application letter.
  • It could be for inquiring about possible openings. This category of the cover letter is called prospecting letter.
  • It can be about requesting information about job search relevant to the candidate. This category is called networking letter.

We have mentioned all the tips and the guidelines required for designing an effective and impressive cover letter in business style.


The cover letter should be personalized and customized, rather than of being mass produced. It should not look like its exaggerating on irrelevant issues. It should give an idea to the employer about how much of time u had taken to understand the needs and the role of the job. The employer should get to know that you know what the organization expects from you.


Everything mentioned in the cover letter should be kept in brief. All the strong points should be communicated to the employer in a very effective and impressive language. This will also reflect your convincing and communication skills to some extent.


Cover letter is a formal document, but the language should not be totally stiff. Candidate's personality should be reflected by the cover letter. It should appear from the cover letter, that how enthusiastic, interested and self motivated you are, both as a person and for the job. Cover letter should be convincing and communicating to the employer. It should communicate the candidate's self -confidence, interest, as well as motivation.

The cover letter demonstrates your writing skills; so make sure you use the correct language and correct grammar in the letter. Any employer would like to hire a candidate with good communication skills, both oral and written.


The format followed throughout the cover letter should be ASCII. After creating the cover letter in the word processing system, it should be saved in plain text (.txt) form. This will help in removing all the word formatting done by the Word Processor.


Standard protocols should be used while writing the cover letter. The spaces, lines and paragraphs everything should be according to standard parameters which are used while writing a formal document. Entire text should be aligned to the left, and do not justify the test. Use the spell check tools before finalizing the cover letter.


The experiences and the achievements obtained should also be briefly discussed in the cover letter. Explain your work experience and your responsibilities. The skills and role you performed at your previous job. Also mention the titles or awards, if any. This will give a positive finish to your Cover Letter.


The closing of your cover letter should be done by using 'Cordially' or 'Sincerely'. There should be a signature of the candidate's full name. The conclusion should always be paving towards the interview call. Enclose your resume, photograph and other documents with the Cover Letter.

Cover letter guidelines are provided and the candidates in need can use these tips to make their cover letter impressive and effective. They are the basic tips required while designing a cover letter.

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