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Cover Letter Template

A cover letter plays an important role whenever you apply for a job. It is the first document that an employer goes through. This letter creates the first impression about you in the mind of the employer. A cover letter written by referring to a proper sample always helps you get an interview call. This is the basic purpose of writing a cover letter. It is often seen that a cover letter written carelessly costs you an interview. So, you need to pay proper attention while writing a cover letter. The best way to write an impressive cover letter is to follow a template or sample, which will help you know the format, and keep you on the right track. You also need to pay attention to the language you use in your cover letter. The cover letter should be written in a good flow, and the language should be polite so that the employer gets impressed and calls you for an interview. Also, try to mention about the main skills that you possess, which are required for doing that job.

A cover letter mainly consists of three paragraphs. The three paragraphs should be written separately. Each paragraph has its own importance. These three paragraphs are written in a way that you can inform about yourself, and request the employer for an interview. The three paragraphs should be precise but very clear and impressive. A cover letter should not be too descriptive, that the employer gets bored reading it. You just need to mention the skills in a short and an impressive manner to get an interview call, and thus your purpose gets solved.

Cover Letter Templates

A template of the cover letter has been given below, which you can go through and get an idea as to what a cover letter should exactly contain. The template given below will help you know the format, and thus it will help you write dynamic cover letter.

Cover Letter Template

Your Name
Your Address with city, state, pin code
Your Contact Number
Your Email Id

Name of the Employer
Name of the Organization
Address of the Organization

Dear Sir/Madam (Salutation),

First Paragraph: In the first paragraph, you need to request politely that you would like to apply for the vacancy, and you also need to mention the source from where you came to know about the job vacancy. If you are attaching your resume with the cover letter, also mention the same in this paragraph. You can mention that you are attaching the cover letter for the further reference of the employer.

Second Paragraph: In the second paragraph mention about your qualifications you possess relating to the job requirements. You should also mention the skills you possess which would be helpful in the job profile. The skills should be mentioned in such a way that the employer is impressed by your skills and qualities, and calls you for an interview. Overall, it can be said that you have to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the job profile.

Third Paragraph: This is the final and concluding part of your cover letter. In this paragraph you need to request the employer to call you for an interview if s/he finds you fit for the profile. Mention that, if the employer wants to meet you in person to discuss about your knowledge and skills, he can revert back on the contact number or your given email id.

People often commit a mistake of writing “Dear Sir/Madam” as the salutation of their cover letter. This should be avoided, if the name of the employer is given, because it creates a negative impact in the minds of the employers. It shows that you have not read the job profile properly and thus shows your carelessness. Incase you do not know the name of the employer, address them with their designation, but in any case avoid addressing them by “Dear Sir/Madam”.The template given above will help you write a cover letter for any job profile. You can go through the template and make your own resume which is impressive enough to fetch you an interview call.

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