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Creative Cover Letters

Creative cover letters are letters that are innovatively written and portray the applicant’s creativity and capability of thinking out of the box. Cover letters play an important role as a medium of communication when an applicant applies for a job. It provides a literal description of the resume and sends across an image of the applicant to the employer. Believe it or not, a recruiter comes across a bundle of cover letters during a job post opening season. So writing a cover creatively that stands out of the lot becomes a matter of prime concern.

Creative cover letters are letters that don’t follow the conventional format and writing style and are written innovatively in order to make maximum impact on the employer. Such kinds of cover letters are specifically appropriate for a job post that demands creativity and visionary attributes from the applicant. It should also be noted that although such type of letters demand creativity and innovation, the writing must be professional and should sound official. There are several techniques adopting which applicants make their general job application cover letter look more professional as well as highly creative.

One of the most important things that applicants need to keep in mind is that the cover letter must be written according to the requirement of the post; it should be nothing more or nothing less. For example a cover letter written for the post of a software engineer should reflect the applicant’s technical skills and expertise, and a cover letter written for the post of fashion designing must reflect the applicant’s artistic capabilities. The letter must be constructed keeping in mind the job post and the requirement of the post.

Secondly applicants must understand the basic purpose behind writing the letter. Cover letters are in reality advertisement documents and are written for the purpose of selling oneself to the firms and industries. If the advertisement is not good, no one will show interest in buying the product. Likewise applicants must try to sell them effectively, and portray their skills and talents efficiently. Capitalizing on the professional and personal attributes helps in making the employer understand the potential worth of the applicant.

Below mentioned are some important tips and rule that one should follow in order to make their cover letter look more creative and appealing.

Guidelines for writing a creative cove letter

  1. Opening statement: An opening statement is the one that starts after greetings and is a first line of the letter. The introduction must be written with a punch and should try to grab reader’s interest in reading the letter.
  2. Highlighting the top selling points: Applicants must highlight their top selling points and highlight their expertise and credentials. Capitalizing the skills and potential helps the recruiter to understand the applicant’s eligibility for the post in the right manner.
  3. Duplicate copy of the resume: The cover letter must give a literal description of the resume but it should not be the exact copy. Writing the resume in a literal form as a cover letter will make the letter look dull and lack in creativity.
  4. Cover letter should be written as per the post: Applicants applying for multiple job positions at the same time may send the same type of cover letter for different posts. It is therefore recommended to customize the letters as per the job post.
  5. Tone of the letter: The tone of the letter must be positive and respectful. It should be written in official language and should reflect professionalism. Use of colloquial words and informal tone is strictly not recommended for writing a job cover letter.
  6. Proper ending: The letter must end on a positive note and applicants should show their respect towards the reader.
  7. Over use of ‘I’: The cover letter is written for the purpose of job application and should contain things related to that. Over use of the letter ‘I’ make it look like a personal biography so it must be used to a minimum level.
  8. Length: The length of the letter matters a lot as no one will show interest in reading a lengthy letter. The content of the letter must be to the point and irrelevant data and information must be ignored.
  9. Signature: Providing a signature at the end makes it look professional and reflects appropriate business etiquette.

By following the above tips on can surely construct a creative cover letter that will help applicants in getting a positive response to their job applications.

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