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Dental Assistant Cover Letter

Cover letter is one of the mandatory tools that decide the chance of an interview call of a prospective candidate for his/her dream job. A cover letter creates the first impression in the mind of an employer. An Dental Assistant is the person who helps and supports a Dentist in his work. He/she works as an assistant with the dentist, and helps him/her throughout the treatment/care process. An Dental Assistant takes care of the office of the dentist. He/she inquires and checks the equipments which are needed for the treatment of the ailment. Moreover, a dental assistant also plays an important role during the treatment process of the patient. So, while writing a cover letter for the job of an Dental Assistant, candidates should mention all the skills related to the job, which would impress the potential employer. The cover letter should be so impressive that the employer sees a prospective employee in the candidate. This is the main purpose of a cover letter, and the rest is done by the resume and candidate during the interview.

An Dental Assistant is a person related to the medical field. The job profile of an Dental Assistant is primarily related to teeth care. He/she supports and helps the dentist, when the dentist deals with different problems of teeth of a patient. Moreover, an Dental Assistant should have a good knowledge of dental problems and their treatment. Knowledge of different dental tools and medicines is a crucial criterion, required for the job. An Dental Assistant also injects the patients before and after the treatment. He/she suggests the patients about how to take the medicines, prescribed by the dentist.

There are many things that are considered in the cover letter of a candidate when applying for the post of an Dental Assistant. Likewise, there are many things that an employer requires in a prospective candidate. So, a cover letter should promote the required skills, and incites the employer to go through the resume. Skill-sets, language, grammar, etc., are some of the basics needed to be mentioned in the cover letter. A cover letter helps you throughout all the phases of the interview. Many times it happens that an employer does not go through your resume after going through the poorly written cover letter. Also, it should be noted that a cover letter should not be too lengthy like a resume, because it may create a bad impression, and unnecessarily waste the time of the employer.

Sample Dental Assistant cover letter (to be appropriately customized for a fresher or experienced candidate)

Anne B. Bard
303 Williams Lane
Kansas – 67216
Tel: (316) 517 7837

Date: February 15, 2012

James J. Pettway
Senior Doctor
Nashville Dental Center
1168 Hidden Pond Road
Tennessee – 27215

Dear Mr. Pettway,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the local paper 'Tennessee NEWS' dated February 15, 2012, for the post of 'Dental Assistant' with your dental center; I would like to express my sincere desire to be part of your team. I am presenting my candidature for your consideration, and have enclosed the resume for review and further scrutiny.

You will note that I have recently completed BDS (Bachelors in Dental Surgery), and worked for 1 year as a Trainee at Wichita Teeth Care Center. I have also acquired the required licenses to practice in Tennessee. I am sure with my exposure, and imbibed skill-sets, I would be able to perform my duties efficiently as a Dental Assistant.

I would appreciate if given an opportunity to meet you in person, and discuss the job profile in detail. Thanking you for your time and consideration, and in anticipation of a favorable reply.



Anne B. Bard


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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Tips

The tips given below would help a candidate to make his/her cover letter edit free, and impressive. The tips would be helpful in identifying common mistakes made while writing the cover letter. The tips also explain impressive ways to attract an employer's attention towards the enclosed resume.

  • The opening sentence of the cover letter should be impressive
  • The required skills of the job profile should be highlighted and emphasized
  • Proof read the cover letter before sending, for any grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • There should be a proper flow in the cover letter
  • The language of the cover letter should be polite, simple and professional
  • It should be focus on the job profile and job responsibilities
  • If the candidate has experience, it should be effectively promoted

The tips given above for the cover letter of an Dental Assistant resume will help candidates win an interview call for their dream job. Candidates should follow the tips carefully, while writing the cover letter. A poorly written cover letter can cost an interview call, which could have given an opportunity to secure the dream job. For more cover letters samples related to other dental job openings, you may also refer to the cover letter for dental hygienist job and cover letter example for senior dentist.

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