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Development Cover Letters

Development cover letters can be utilized by individuals with varying profiles. They can be from training and development, business development, property development etc. All of these individuals will require cover letters suiting their profile, which are difficult to find.

The best way to have an impressive development cover letter for your resume is to write one yourself, as no one knows you better than you. You can refer to the sample development cover letters listed at the end of this section, for better understanding of the cover letter layout and content design. The purpose of writing a cover letter, along with the resume is to give your application a comprehensive look, and ensure that your resume is viewed by employers.

All development cover letters, irrespective of the job profile, serve the primary purpose of introduction of your resume to the employers. An employer receives job applications from huge number of applicants. All these applicants have resumes with similar content but different layouts. For your resume to distinctly standout from the heap of resumes, an impressive cover letter can play a crucial role. A cover letter can be used as a platform to communicate your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and create an influential, positive first impression in the minds of the employers. If effectively written, your cover letter can get your resume shortlisted, and win you the personal interview call.

You can also consider your cover letter as an additional opportunity to promote your personal characteristics and highlight distinctive attributes mentioned in the resume. This will not only guide the attention of employers to your resume, but also incite them to review your candidature. While referring to development cover letters examples in this section, you can personalize them further, to suite your profile by incorporating personal innovative ideas. Note that, you retain the professional outlook of the letter while doing so.

The guidelines given below will help you in writing development cover letters if implemented in true spirit.

Tips for writing development cover letters:

  • For the layout of your letter, you may select a suitable format from the samples given below. Ensure that the selected layout is formal, and acceptable by professional standards. Letters written in a format which are as per the existing industrial practices, stand better chances of being considered.

  • The language used should be formal and simple. It should portray the same professionalism as shown by you. Do not use intricate language if you are not comfortable with it, to save you from lending yourself in difficult situations in the later stages of the selection process. The proficiency level should be such, that it bridges the gap between you and the desired candidate profile.

  • Begin the letter with a short introduction giving details of the source you got the job vacancy information. In the next paragraph, you can share your professional accomplishments, which support your candidature. You can also write about your personal qualities which you feel are crucial for meeting the requirements of the given job description. In the concluding paragraph, you can thank the employer for the time given, and for considering your application. You can also request for further opportunity to meet in person and discuss the job.

  • For the subject of your letter, you can write the name of the position applied for, as asked by the employer.

  • The salutation and the greeting message should be carefully selected. You should address the reader correctly, with the right gender, and use appropriate prefix to name, if any. In case of uncertainty, it is better to stick to generic styles, or alternatively use the designation of the person to address him/her.

  • Always revise your letter thoroughly, before you finalize the draft. This is to check for any errors, and rectify them instantly.

  • Put your signatures before mailing the letter. You may use digital signatures in case of emails.

  • If you have enclosed any supportive documents, do mention them separately, in the same sequence as attached.

  • Do not exaggerate in the letter, and give only relevant information. All information shared, if required, should be substantiated with adequate proofs.

  • Share the information in a prioritized and synchronized way, so that there is a smooth flow throughout the letter.

All the above information can be helpful in writing an impressive job winning development cover letters.

To understand the actual implementation of these guidelines, you can also refer to the examples of development cover letters given below.

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