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Email cover letter is no different in format or language, than a normal cover letter. It is send to the employer via an electronic mail. Email cover letter has to be submitted according to the format and instructions required by the employer. The letter has to be designed like a normal cover letter; there is no separate or specific format for such a cover letter. There are some employers who do not accept attachments, so in that case, paste your resume in the email using a very simple font and size. An email cover letter can work as your total introduction. It can help the recruiter to understand you better, and learn about your credentials. Cover letter makes you more interesting in front of the recruiter, if it is designed in the right manner. The cover Letter is the mirror of the candidate's personality, and should be designed keeping in mind whatever are the Job postings. The tone for the Cover Letter should be personal, yet professional. The cover letter means a lot when we talk about the first impression on the employer. The cover letter should be used as an opportunity to communicate your personality, your skills and your experience. Email is one of the most easiest and convenient way of sending your Resume across and a cover letter makes it even more attractive.

While writing an email cover letter, there are few things that are needed to be checked, these facts would give a cover letter the perfect look. These points play a pivotal role in creating the cover letter.


The length of an email cover letter should at least be one page long. It should be taken as the best opportunity to introduce and highlight your strengths and skills. The language can be slightly informal, and it should be more like a one sided interview. The language cannot be totally informal, because the cover letter is a professional document. The size or the length of the cover letter should not be too long and exaggerated; it should be very precised, yet good enough to be understood.


The first paragraph in a cover letter should be all about the candidate's identification. All the details about the person, right from name to contact details should be provided. The source through which the candidate got aware of the opportunity should also be mentioned. The experience should be mentioned if there is any, in details with the name of the firm, and the duration the candidate did work there for. Mention all the skills and specialties you gained during your previous experience.


The second paragraph should be focusing on the academic qualification. All the courses and degrees pursued by the candidate. It should be emphasizing more on the experiences obtained, and the skills possessed. It should gain the employers attention in order to make him/her notice all the special skills sustained by the candidate.

This section should give the employer a satisfaction about the candidate that yes he/she can fulfill the needs of the job role, and the organization as well. Skills should be clearly mentioned.


The third paragraph should be about the attempts for aligning your interview. You should try and follow up the employer acting a smart candidate. Keep asking about the updates, and if the employer has received your resume. Once an interview is fixed, chances of getting through will automatically rise. There should be a balance between the eagerness and enthusiasm about the opening. It should not be reflected that the candidate is too desperate for the job. But, at the same time the candidate should be enthusiastic about it. A very careful balance is needed to impress the recruiter or make an impact on the recruiter.


The last paragraph should be about thanking the employer for the consideration. It should end up with enclosing your resume, photographs and other documents.

The email cover letter is one of the latest and the easiest ways of communicating with the employers. It should be very impressively designed to get all the attention it should. You can opt to send a Fax Cover Letters, if you are unable to send cover letter through email.

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