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Fax cover letters are very old fashioned, but a very reliable way of broadcasting. It is a very precise way of highlighting the key features about a candidate to the employer and save time. Fax cover letters are neither a too slow nor too fast way of processing. Fax cover letters could always get noticed more than an email cover letter; the email cover letters can always be deleted just by one click if the recruiter is not interested. But, if it's a fax cover letter, even the recruiter would think twice before ignoring it. There has to be a standard format while sending a fax cover letter, which is attained simply by adding "via Facsimile" and mentioning the total number of pages included in the fax. Fax cover letters are simpler and easier way of introducing oneself to the employer. In this process, the cover letter is a separate document, which is in a very simple language and is very sharp. The cover letters by fax are always much easier to be searched also, they are put into the database, and the keywords added to it helps in searching the fax as quickly as possible. So, the keywords are considered really very important.

Fax cover letters are a cheap way of communicating information. Organizations using it can save a lot of money, and do mass broadcasting. Sending a fax cover letter gives the fax machine a lot of advantage and profit over other correspondence sent via that medium. The best part is the number of pages included is mentioned on the very first page, so if there is any page missing or page jamming, it can be easily identified.

A demonstration of the simple Fax Cover Letter is added below, so that individuals who need to know about the fax cover letter can get an Idea about it. The sample will be of great help in modifying the old cover letters and also for creating new ones.


Fax Cover Sheet

Date: - 14th December 2008


Name of the Contact
Company Name
Fax Number


Candidate's Name
Experience Duration
Position applied for

Dear Mr. Jones,

I would like to thank you a lot for taking out time to meet me today, managing it from your busy schedule. I will always want to have the opportunity to work with your organization, which is a big name in the corporate world today. I came across the Chief Engineer's vacancy in your organization. I got to know about this opening through Professor Mathews, and he was telling me what an excellent opportunity it could be.


I was always interested in working on stream-lined and fast paced processes, and Professor Mathews has been telling me about it so far, which is enlightening my interest in the opening, a lot. I am sure I can perfectly do justice to this job role, with the combination of my enthusiasm and project management skills.


This position will also help me a lot in getting the right growth in my career graph. I will nourish the tasks assigned with all the skills and knowledge possessed by me. I have complete belief that under your guidance and under your company's name, I will try and provide excellent construction, maximum customer satisfaction, and reduce waste.


I have the exact academic qualification required for the position, and will give my best to achieve all the goals and targets set for the team I would work in.


I am currently working as a Senior Engineer, and it has been 4 years I started working. I was awarded as the best employee in the year 2010, and many of the times I was nominated as the most regular employee as well.


I have enclosed my Resume, photographs and other documents with this cover letter.

Looking forward to meet you and discussing a lot of possibilities, for the welfare of your organization.

Thank you a lot for managing your time for me from your busy schedule.


Roger S.

Fax cover letter is a very simple and easy way of introducing the individual to employers. They are reliable and a very old method of interacting for the job purposes.

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