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Finance Cover Letter for Graduate

A finance cover letter for graduate category must be written skilfully as writing a financial cover letter is a bit different from writing other cover letter. A finance cover letter is a sort of business letter and therefore should be written crisply and it should be to the point. No extra material and unnecessary content must be provided in the finance letter and the letter should reflect applicant's analytical and diagnostic features. Below are two finance cover letter samples which both fresher as well as experienced candidate might find helpful.

Finance cover letter for graduate applicants with experience

Graduate applicants who have a prior experience of working in the finance department of a firm can mention about their work experience in their cover letter. They can mention about what post they were working at, duties and work assigned to them etc. Below is the sample cover letter for applicants with professional experience.

Sample finance cover letter for graduate (experienced)

Edward Harris
343 Pompton Avenue, Markus Bay Area
Miami, Florida
Contact no: 3456782354
Date: 10/20/2011

Mr. Eric Jonson
Human Resource Manager
TMZ International Shipping
56th floor, Sunshine Towers
Times Centre, Miami, Florida

Dear Mr. Jonson

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement of a financial accountant post in your firm that has been posted in the local news paper recently. I am sending this application along with my resume and reference letter for your review.

I have an experience of working as an accountant in Global Commercial Bank for three years where I was responsible for managing accounts of the various international clients of the bank. I worked there as an accountant for a year and then was promoted to senior accountant and worked on that post for 2 years.

I have completed my bachelors in finance from Miami University and did my MBA in finance from the same centre. I have side by side completed two diploma courses one in business law while in graduation and the other in economics while in post graduation.

I am highly dedicated to my work as recognition of which, I earned a promotion in my previous company. I believe in hard work and punctuality. I can maintain healthy interpersonal relations with co-workers and also possess excellent computer knowledge.

I believe my credentials mentioned above would have left a favorable impact on your mind and I will be really glad to join your company as an accountant. So looking forward to meet you in private and talk more about the company and my prospects of joining the corporation. Thanking you for your time and concern.

Edward Harris

Enclosures: Resume, reference letter, appreciation letter, academic reports.

Finance cover letter for graduate applicants with no experience

Applicants with no experience do not have much to write in their cover letters. Applicants must put emphasis on the academic and personal details to make the letter appealing and catchy. Proper language must be used and the letter must be politely addressed. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with no experience.

Sample finance cover letter for graduate (fresher)

Shaun Peters
15th Wall Street, Brookline
Manhattan, New York City
Contact: 234 34554


Mr. Alexander Lorries
Human Resource Executive
Redstone Corporation
23rd floor, Kipling Building
Times Square, New York

Dear Lorries

I recently saw an advertisement in your official website about the vacancy of a financial advisor in your firm. I am therefore sending you this letter along with my CV and academic reports for your review to check my eligibility for the post.

I believe I have the required potential to be a perfect financial advisor and a proper look at my academic trajectory will prove the fact better. After completing schooling as a full timer in San Francisco, I moved to New York City to complete my graduation in finance from New York University. While completing my graduation I did 1 and a half year diploma course in business law from the same centre. After completing grad school I got enrolled in MBA and specialised in Finance and Marketing from Howards University. I also did an internship of 4 months where I performed advisory work in WMCA Electronics.

I possess excellent communication skills and can maintain good relations with co workers. I am highly proficient with computers and have the knowledge of several computer applications and programs. I possess the ability to work under any condition and I particularly thrive under pressure.

I hope that my letter has been able to create an impact in your eye and I am looking forward to meet you in person to talk more about your company and my possibilities of working under your firm. Thanking you for your time and consideration.

Shaun Peters

We believe that the above sample of finance cover letter for graduate applicants will help them in writing interesting an cover letter for their job application that will be appreciated by the recruiter. Also, you can refer to Teaching Assistant Cover Letter Tips For Graduate and Cover Letter For Graduate Programmer for more cover letters.

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