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Teaching Assistant Cover Letter

Writing a teaching assistant cover letter cover letter is easy and applicants need to mention their important credentials and skill sets they possess to be eligible in the teaching job line. A teacher must have the qualities of both of a care taker and a supplier of knowledge to his/her students. Applicants must take full responsibility for the job and understand the magnitude of the importance of teaching and interacting with students. An assistant teacher is generally a person who works under a renowned professor, teacher or lecturer of a college or university assisting him in his professional work. Below are two cover letter samples for both experienced and inexperienced applicants in the field of teaching assistance.

Teaching assistant cover letter for applicants with experience

A teaching assistant cover letter for applicants with experience must contain the details of previous work experience. Applicants must provide details of the previous job endeavours and write about the duties and work performed by him. Below is a teaching assistant cover letter for applicants with experience.

Teaching assistant cover letter for applicants (experienced)

Steve Martin
56th Picasa Road, Saint Carlos Square
Manhattan, New York
Telephone: 3204 20422


Professor Sebastian Farris
George Town University
Manhattan, New York City

Dear Mr. Farris

After reading the advertisement in the local daily about the vacant post of a physics teacher, I am writing this letter as an applicant for the position of an assistant Physics teacher in your college. I am sending this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your inspection and review.

I have completed my graduation in physics from New York University after completing fulltime schooling in my native place Nebraska. After completing my graduation, I did my post graduation in physics from Howards University. While pursuing my post graduation from Howards I assisted Professor Tim Burton of the physics department in Howards for 1 and half years. I provided lectures on elementary and cosmic physics to the students. I love the profession of teaching and delivering knowledge to the student folks. I am very flexible with timings and can work under any conditions.

I believe that the above credentials about my educational and professional career that I have provided match perfectly with the job profile. I am eagerly waiting to meet you in private for discussing further about the post and the university, and about the possibilities of me joining your university. Thanking you for the time and concern for reviewing my letter and resume.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Martin

Enclosures: Resume, reference letter, academic reports

Teaching assistant cover letter for applicants without experience

Applicants without any experience of teaching will have to provide more details about their academic and personal aspects to make the letter look good and appropriate to the eye of the recruiter. Applicants will have to make it clear through their letter that though they have no experience in the field but with their keen interest and fast learning capabilities they will be able to meet the requirements of the job. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with no job experience.

Teaching assistant cover letter for applicants (fresher)

Joe Dowson
23rd Pushkin Avenue, Paxton
Manhattan, New York City
Telephone: 345 345045


Ms. Mindy Aniston
Professor of o English, New York University
Manhattan, New York

Respected Mindy,

I am writing this letter in order to state I am applying as a candidate in the vacant teaching assistant post of an English teacher whose ad is posted in the official website of your university. I am sending you this letter along with my resume and academic certificates for your review.

I have completed my graduation in literature from Goldwin University Texas and afterwards pursued post graduation in the same subject. I have worked as a part time lecturer during my post graduation period in Goldwin University itself unofficially. I love literature and have keen interest in teaching. Being inexperienced, I need a perfect path to start my teaching career and there is no better option than applying in your reputed University for it.

I am very hard working and flexible with shifts. I will be really glad to join your institution as an assistant, so looking forward to meet you in person for an interview session and to discuss more about the post and the university norms and criteria. Thanking you for now for considering my letter and resume.

Yours faithfully

Joe Dowson


  • Resume
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Academic Reports.

We believe that the above two samples of teaching assistant cover letter will help applicants in their job application. Also, you can refer to Example of Corporate Cover Letter For Graduate and Example of Graduate Assistant Cover Letterfor more cover letters. All the best!!

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