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Senior Software Developer Cover Letters

While writing senior software cover letter, applicants must write the details of their professional and educational experience along with their personal aspects to make the letter look more bright and attractive. As a senior software developer an applicant should know his duties and he will have to work as an advisor and a team leader along with the work of software designing. Below are two samples of how applicants applying for a senior software development post must write their cover letters to make the cover letter more appealing and persuasive.

Senior software Cover letter for Applicants with Experience

Applicants with prior work experience of working in the field of software development must provide their work experience details in their cover letters to make it look appropriate drawing the attention of the recruiter. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with experience.

Sample of Senior Software Developer Cover Letter (Experienced)

Kevin Jonson
23rd Eastward Avenue, Paxton
Manhattan, New York City
Email: jonson.kevin@vmailcom
Phone no: 2384 5945 5600


Mr. Stephen Wrangler
Neo Software
29th floor, CMC Building, Times Square
New York, USA

Dear Mr. Wrangler

After looking at the advertisement in the Daily Bugle, I am writing this letter to apply for the vacant post of a senior software developer in your company. I am sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your review.

I have worked in Sazam Software for the last 4 years and have worked there as a senior software developer for one year. I joined Sazam as a software developer after completing my studies and worked there as a software developer for 3 years and afterwards got promoted to senior software development. I was specifically assigned to work under the latest java program designing and development for the various clients that the company serves.

I completed my graduation from Caltech University in Computer Science and followed by my post graduation in Masters of Computer Applications. I am very interested in computer programming and it falls in my primary interests. I am a very hardworking and dedicated worker and have received many accolades in my previous company for the quality of work I delivered.

I believe that the above description of my credentials would have impressed you and I am really looking forward to walk down to your firm for a personal meeting with you for my interview and to discuss more about the post and your company. Thanking you for the time and consideration.

Yours sincerely
Kevin Jonson

Enclosures: Resume, appreciation letter, academic certificates, and reference letter.

Senior Software Developer Cover Letter for Applicants with no Experience

While writing a senior software cover letter for a fresher category, applicant will have to strongly put forward their academic achievements and provide details about their educational history from schools to university to persuade the hiring committee. Applicants will have to write the letter more persuasively with proper language and tone to make the letter appealing to the recruiter. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with no experience.

Senior Software Cover Letter Sample (Fresher)

Ron Philip
19th Alixer Road, Alexandria
Loss Angeles, California
Telephone: 343 323 4034


Mr. Mathew Campbell
Human Resource Executive
Mink Software
27th Westin Road, Westin
Loss Angeles, California

Dear Mr. Campbell

I am sending you this letter in response to the advertisement in your official website regarding the post of senior software developer in your firm. I have enclosed my resume and academic certificates along with this letter for your review.

I have a strong fascination for computers and it reflects in my academic history too. I have completed my schooling as a full timer and after completion of school, pursued my graduation in computer science from University of Loss Angeles. After achieving graduation I did post graduation in computer programming and application. I even did an internship in computer programming in Syncron Logistics for 5 months while I was involved in my post graduation.

I am eagerly waiting for a response from your side and will be really glad to start my career in your firm. I request you to call or mail me for the next round of the recruitment process. Thanking you for the time and consideration.

Yours sincerely
Ron Philip

Enclosures: resume, academic certificates, appreciation letter

The above given senior software development cover letter will definitely help candidates in writing the cover letter that will be really appreciated and approved by the recruiter.

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