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Software Developers Cover Letter

A software developer cover letter should be written in such manner that it displays the applicant's knowledge and skills on computer applications and software. Software development is basically a job profile where the company makes new software applications for its different clients. Software development needs a great deal of research and training and therefore applicants need to show their talent and innovativeness through their cover letter. Below are two examples of software developer cover letter that will help IT applicants write a better cover letter for their job application.

Software developer cover letter for applicants with no work experience

Applicants without an experience need to write their software development cover letter more skilfully. Applicants will have to provide their educational details and academic achievements to make the cover letter more appealing to the recruiter. Below is the sample cover letter for applicants with no work experience.

Sample of Software Development Cover Letter

Daniel Cooper
3443 Bridge View Avenue, Paxton
San Francisco, California
Contact number: 234 456 345


Mr. Francis Xavier
Human Resource Manager
AMG Software
3431-Downtown Avenue, Downtown
San Francisco, California

Dear Mr. Xavier

I am sending you this application along with my resume and education documents as I am applying for the vacant post of the software developer the advertisement of which I saw in your official website.

I believe that I am perfectly suited of the position of the software developer as the skills and knowledge I possess are well suited to the requirements of the post applied for. I completed my schooling as a full timer and did my graduation in computer science from Hamilton University. I obtained my Masters in Computer Applications and Programming and was involved as a software developer in Sunshine Software in a 4 months internship course. I am highly proficient with a large number of computer applications and computer languages. While enrolled in Sunshine I was assigned for the development and progress of several Java applications. I have also got access to C, C++, OO PHP, MySQL, and PEARL.

I am very hard working and self motivated person and have tremendous eagerness to learn new things. I am a fast learner and possess good communication skills and have the ability to maintain persistence in performance. I also possess enough ability to work under pressure and maintain good relations with colleagues.

I hope that the above credentials of my educational and personal aspects would impress you enough to grant me the opportunity of an interview. I am looking forward to meet you in person, to discuss more about the post. Thanking you for the time and concern.


Daniel Cooper


  • Resume
  • Appreciation letter
  • Education Documents
  • Internship Certificates

Software Developer Cover Letter for Applicants with Work Experience

Applicants with work experience need to mention about the work they did previously and explain the duties and assignments they were assigned to. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with experience in software development.

Sample of software development cover letter

Travis Lee
24 Hats off avenue, Orenburg
Manhattan, New York City
Contact number: 235 67896790 234

Mr. Ron Watson
Human Resource Manager
TNT Software
22nd APPEX Building, Times Square
New York City

Dear Mr. Ron

I saw your advertisement in and am sending you this letter with an attached copy of my resume and a reference letter as an applicant for the software developer post.

I have a working experience of 5 years in the post of software development in Pangolin Software and have collected a lot of valuable inputs from the experience. I joined Pangolin as a fresher in software development post and was assigned to work under various projects from time to time according to client's request. I have a good knowledge of Java, Oracle, C++, C, HTML, SQL, etc. We always worked as a team and were engaged in the development of new software as per the customer's demand.

I completed my graduation from UNIX University in computer engineering and did my Masters in Software Applications. I am a punctual and dedicated person and believe in punctuality and hard work. As I have always worked in teams I have the potential to build a good and healthy professional relationship with co-workers.

I am eagerly waiting to meet you in person for my interview and talk further about the post. Thanking you for sparing the time to review my letter and resume.

Yours sincerely

Travis Lee


  • Resume
  • Appreciation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Copies of education documents

We believe that the above software developer cover letter samples will help applicants apply for the respective post efficiently by sending a good cover letter along with their resume.

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