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Real Estate Transaction Agent Cover Letter

Real estate agents are brokers who, deal in the buying and selling of real estates. These agents are aware of all the things that are related to the purchase and sale of any real estate and also the legal formalities involved in them. They know which locality will suit the buyers well in the purchase of any real estate and also includes their budgets. There are various roles played by real estate agents. They are not only involved in the buying and selling of any property but, they even act as negotiators or intermediaries in various matters. The job of these agents is not as easy as it sounds. They have to constantly remain in touch with the changes in prices of properties and even be on the look out for the most sought after locations. Hence, they have to maintain many records of the same. These include listings of such locations, the price of the property and other costs involved.

Whenever, an applicant sends a cover letter for the post of real estate transactions legal post, it should mention all the requisites in the right form and manner. While setting up any cover letter for this position, the applicant has to illustrate the various skills and the extent of knowledge. The applicant has to keep him or herself abreast of the current market scenarios with respect to real estates. The most important factor that such a cover letter should include is the way in which the experienced applicant could meet the targets expected out of them. Thus, it should include all the key indicators in terms of performance. It should also include skills of the applicant in achieving business measures with the help of excellent communication skills, people management skills, sales skills and others. An experienced candidate may have even worked as a supervisor which involved management of people. This too can be an added advantage to be mentioned in the cover letter.

An example of an experienced estate agent's cover letter is mentioned below:

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.

30 August 2011
Jack Richardson,
Big, Bigger, & Bigwig,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am currently working with a reputed firm that deals in real estate sales and purchases and proved guidance on legal matters as well. I am planning a legal career in the practice of real estate transactions. I am keen on gathering knowledge on the legal aspects of real estates and I think no other company than yours to start with. Mr. Nick Straits, my neighbor, suggested that I contact you for the same. He told me that you have handled several real estate closings for him. I hope that you could provide some guidance for me, as I embark on my career in real estate law.

I am presently working as a real estate agent with a firm at present, and am handling duties of purchase and sale of properties. This experience has given me enough insights into the aspects of real estate sales and closing preparations. However, I wish to expand my knowledge in the legal periphery of real estates. I have enclosed my resume stating my qualifications and details of the previous and current jobs.

I am currently seeking that kind of a job which will help me build upon my experience to pursue my goal of becoming a real estate attorney. Please let me know the convenient time during which I can contact you for the necessary talks. My contact number has been mentioned in the aforesaid.


Thomas K Eden.

Enclosure: Resume.

Given below is an example of a new applicant drafting a cover letter:

Ms. Miranda Jacob
46, Right Side County
Apartment No. 15
Orange County
California 8899 32565
Tel No.: 0505 2348 8989 5658

30 August 2011

Mr. Tony Right
The Black and White Real Estates
Yellow Buildings Lane
Florida 5656 5555

Dear Mr. Right,

I was looking through some advertisements that required newly graduated estate agents for your company. I think I will be able to provide you with the right kind of on the job skills and new techniques to gain business. I have earned higher grades in law school in this respect. I have also received scholarships for providing writings on issues related to the real estate policies.

If I am given a chance, I will surely prove my worth and bring the company the necessary advantages. I have mentioned all the educational accolades in my resume.

Kindly let me know the suitable time for an interview. My contact number has been mentioned above, or you can drop me an email too, whichever is earlier and convenient for you.

Awaiting your reply.


Ms. Miranda Jacob

Enclosure: Resume

I believe that this real estate transaction agent cover letter layout proves beneficial to you in achieving your desired position. Also, check out Sample of Public Interest Cover Letter, Sample of Judicial Clerkship Cover Letter and how to write General Counsel Cover Letter.

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