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Student Litigator Legal Cover Letter

Student litigation lawyers are people who run lawsuits in cases related to judiciary issues of students. The market with respect to jobs and higher educational opportunities is increasing day by day. Many of them are preferring jobs in the legal arena, as compared to corporate job openings. All those who join law schools, do so because they are interested in legal studies. Many opportunities have sprung up the field of legal jobs, right from attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, litigators, etc. The only thing required here is to strike the right kind of job which exploits the skills and potentials of the person to the fullest. This way, the person also knows that his or her talent is being recognized to the fullest, and so they try to build more contribution for the success of the company. Seeking jobs in the legal field are not only rewarding in terms of finance, they even provide knowledge to the candidates. So student litigation not only offers job satisfaction, it is a process of learning too.

The cover letter of a student litigator legal should contain all the details of the applicant's educational qualifications and job experiences too. Where an applicant does not have any job experience, he or she can emphasize on how the skills and educational degrees and courses can help in brining up a career in that particular job. An experienced person can prove his or her job experience as a worthy contribution.

Mentioned below are two cover letter samples, one is for an experienced person and the other is for a new applicant.

For an experienced person:

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.
30 August 2011

Jack Richardson,
Attorney at Law,
Haynes and Lincoln Law Firm,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

According to your advertisement in, I came to know that your firm is hiring an attorney general. From the past three years I am practicing general law in Small Town, USA, and now I would like to focus on research on a variety of cases.

I would like to apply for this position. I will be able to work with you part-time in the office, and will work part-time from my home. My home office has the right kind of set up for this kind of work, and I promise to deliver my best as I partner with other general attorneys in your firm. I would like to meet you in person, and show you the cases that exhibit my success, and to know about your possible requirements that you have in mind for the person that you wish to hire for this post.

Please call 111-454-4545 to arrange a time that fits your calendar. I hope to be a part of your law firm in the days ahead. Thank you for taking the time to consider my cover letter.


Thomas K Eden.

Enclosure Resume.

For a new applicant the cover letter will be as follows:

Mr. Gerald Longoria
275, Christine Boulevard
McMahon Street
Illinois 607829
Tel No.: 555 2356 8957
Email id:

30 August 2011

Mrs. Margaret Monroe
Truth Blowers Attorney Services
First Case LLP
South Gun Avenue
Illinois 607523

Dear Mrs. Monroe,

I am doing my classes in law with specialization in student litigation. I am searching for a job of a student litigator legal, and am ready to work full hours too. The reason why I thought of applying for this position is because of the reputation you have been carrying for many years now. Also, there are many students who have proved worthwhile to your company, and their efforts have been duly recognized. I too wish to work with the dynamic litigation department in your company.

I have thoroughly studied the litigation process, and have even attained court with regards to such cases. This has helped me gain a better understanding about the concept and the process too. I even provided certain improvisations which were gladly accepted by the court, which comprised of decisions and judgment entries. I have also helped my college professors in preparing chapters related to arbitration, and have thus gained enough knowledge about the interaction between the litigation and alternative disputer resolution.

I am eagerly looking forward to meet with you and would appreciate if you provide me the time for the same. You can contact me on the above mentioned number.


Mr. Gerard Longoria

Enclosure: Resume

I believe that this student litigator legal cover letter layout proves beneficial to you in achieving your desired position. Also, check out Example of Attorney Cover Letter, how to write Labor And Employment Lawyer Cover Letter and General Counsel Cover Letter writing tips.

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