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Communication is an integral part of human life. The human life and culture is largely dependent on communication. Without communication, life would have been impossible. Communication is not just spoken words or actions (non-verbal cues). Written communication is as important as verbal communication. Letter writing is a very important type of written communication. In personal and professional life, we need to write different letters, and each letter has its own importance and purpose. In this section of resume cover letters, we would discuss letter writing, and provide different sample letters. There are approximately 55 different types of letters discussed here. For each of these categories we have provided tips and samples to make things simpler.

We learn letter writing right from our school days. Some basic letters like application letters, request letters, etc. are taught in school. This is because these are the most commonly used letters. Each one of us has to write some kind of letter, at some point in our life.

Why do we need to know letter writing?

As mentioned above, written communication is very important. Every time it is not possible to talk to someone in person, or call him over the phone to communicate or discuss something. The professional approach of communicating with someone is thus, letter writing. The letter helps you communicate your point to the reader, and open up the scope for further communication.

Earlier when internet and mobile phones were not very popular and accessible to all, distant communication was done using letters. Be it personal letters, like a mother writing a letter to her son, or a professional letter like a candidate applying for a job; letter was the only medium of communication. With the advent of technology, things have changed. However, still when we use email to communicate something in a professional environment, we do write a letter, and this letter is sent via electronic mail. Thus, letter is a very important mode of communication.

Types of letters:

There are basically two types of letters - Formal letter and Informal letter

A formal letter is written when you do not know the reader in person, and the topic of communication is thoroughly professional. Some types of formal letters are -

  • Application letters
  • Sales Letters
  • Appeal letters
  • Legal letters
  • Inquiry letters
  • Termination letters
  • Tax letters, etc.

An informal letter on the other hand is written to someone you know in person, or have a close relation with. The topic of communication is thoroughly personal. Some types of informal letters are -

  • Condolence letters
  • Christmas letters
  • Farewell Letters
  • Invitation letters
  • Love letters
  • Santa Claus letters
  • Friendship letters

There are many such letters. Each letter is written with a specific purpose. To write perfect letters we must thus know the basic of every letter. For example, if you need to write an appeal letter, you must know what the use of an appeal letter is, and what you aim to communicate via this letter. All of us know some basic letters, but we do not know everything about all the different types of letter. Thus, we need references and sample letters or letter templates.

A sample letter for any of the types mentioned above, gives a clear idea of how that particular letter should be, and what the content of that letter should be. It gives you a framework, based on which you can write your letter.

The cover letter templates on the other hand is a ready-to-use letter. Any one of us can use this template, and make necessary changes in it, and write a letter in just few minutes. These templates save a lot of time and energy, and are of great help to people who do not have any idea of that particular letter, and its format.

Letter writing is thus very important in personal and professional life. We might not know all the types of letters, but some basic knowledge of all letters and the ability to write some common types of letter is essential. Take a look at the different types of letters given here. Many of these letters are useful in our day-to-day life, and by reading these letters, we can thus write very impressive letters.

Acceptance Letters
Apology Letters
Appeal Letters
Application Letter
Appointment Letters
Appreciation Letters
Asking Letters
Business Letters
Change of Address Letter
Charity Letters
Christmas Letters
Collection Letter
Complaint Letters
Confirmation Letters
Condolence Letters
Congratulations Letters
Cover Letters
Credit Letters
Donation Letters
Employment Letters
Farewell Letters
Formal Letters
Fundraising Letters
Goodbye Letters
Hardship Letter
Holiday Letters
Inquiry Letters
Introduction Letters
Invitation Letters
Job Letters
Leave Letters
Marketing Letters
Meeting Letters
Memo Letters
Offer Letters
Promotion Letters
Proposal Letters
Recommendation Letters
Reference Letters
Request Letter
Resignation Letter
Sales Letters
Santa Claus Letters
Scholarship Letters
Sponsorship Letters
Tax Letters
Termination Letters
Thank You Letter

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