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Sample Letter of Acceptance

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Any communication is complete only when there is a two-way interaction, and both the parties communicate effectively. When a question is put forth or a proposal is presented, it demands a reply from the other party. A question needs an answer, and a proposal needs and acceptance or rejection. In case of acceptance of proposal, solution, idea, etc., an acceptance letter is written and addressed to the party who had put forth the proposal to show your affirmation.

This letter is written in different situations showing acceptance to something that is conveyed to you, for example:-

  1. An acceptance letter for a job offer-
  2. Writing a letter in acceptance of the job offered to you

  3. An acceptance letter for college admission-
  4. Accepting the college's offer of taking you in for a particular course

  5. A Proposal Acceptance letter-
  6. This letter is written to accept a business proposal put forth by one of the two parties to the business.

  7. A Resignation Acceptance letter-
  8. This letter is written by the Human Resource department, or the immediate boss of the employee who has put forth the resignation.

  9. An Acceptance letter of credit-
  10. This letter is used during trade transactions, wherein a letter of credit is used to assure the seller his/her payment from the buyer. The seller's bank usually writes this letter and addresses it to the seller (the bank's client), and confirms the authenticity and validity of the letter and accepts the letter.

Besides this, there can be many other formal and informal situations wherein this letter can be used, for example, an acceptance letter for a marriage proposal, for a particular idea or solution, for nominees suggested for school elections, for accepting an invitation, honor, gift, etc. Thus, any situation where the acceptance has to be conveyed in writing this letter will be written.

Just like every letter has a particular purpose, and is written following some particular format, style, etc., there are some points that need to be considered while writing this letter as well.

Points to remember while writing an acceptance letter:

  1. Be courteous:

  2. While accepting a gift, honor, invitation, appointment or promotion be polite and gracious in your language

  3. Thank the other party:

  4. This letter begins by thanking the other person or organization to whom you have addressed the acceptance letter

  5. Clarify what you are accepting:

  6. This letter is a written proof of your acceptance. You thus need to clarify your affirmation in brief; for example, 'Thank you for this opportunity, and I would be glad to take over as the new Chief Editor of VIVA from Mr. Zing'. Here you have a written proof of what you are accepting and at same time, you thank the person for offering you this post.

  7. Restating some important terms and clauses:

  8. In case of job acceptance, proposal acceptance, etc. some norms, clauses and terms need to be reinstated carefully. This again serves as a proof and does not lead to any misunderstandings and troubles later. A simple statement like 'Thank you for this opportunity, and I would be glad to join VIVA as the new Chief Editor at the, CA headquarters from 1st November, 2011'. Other example would be - 'On behalf of Globus, we accept the business proposal put forth by you of supplying 20000 tons of raw rubber for $600,000 within a period of one month starting from 10th November, 2011'. Here you smartly state the clauses and accept the offer, and does not let the other party deviate from what they had offered.

  9. Sound affirmative:

  10. Even in case of resignation acceptance letter, the language of your letter should be affirmative, and not something that shows that you are not willing to accept it.

  11. Closing of the letter:

  12. Again, thank the person to whom you have addressed the letter to and close the letter. Check for any errors by proofreading it thoroughly.

This letter might be included in the document records of the organization. Thus, make sure that you read the offer thoroughly before accepting it and your letter is free from grammatical or spelling errors. Also, make sure that you clearly put forth whatever you have accepted. Some sample acceptance letters given in the links below would help you draft one for your situation.

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