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A professional way of requesting for something or applying for a job is writing an application letter. It is basically a document that gives your request in written to the reader. In many cases, it is used as a record. An application letter is used in many situations, and by different people. A student, a housewife, a job seeker, an aged person, etc. anyone of these might need an application letter in different situations. To help them write simple and precise application letters, we would discuss the application format letter. However, prior to this, we need to understand the purpose of the application letter.

Purpose of an application letter:

An application letter as mentioned above is a written formal request for something. It is used in different situations such as:

  1. Applying for admission - Here the student could himself/herself apply for admission or his/her parents might write an application letter, seeking admission for their child.
  2. Applying for a job - While sending his/her resume, the applicant could write an application cover letter stating his/her skills
  3. Applying for internship - A student can apply for internship as a part of his/her curriculum
  4. Applying for an identity card - To request a new, or replacement of an old/misplaced identity card
  5. Applying for Visa
  6. Applying for passport
  7. Applying for bank account
  8. Applying for a home loan, credit card, etc.

Thus, there are many situations in which one needs to write an application letter. The purpose and the contents of the letter vary from person to the person. However, it is necessary for each one of us to know how to write an application letter.

An application letter is very important, but it is not at all difficult to write one. It is just to put forth your request in a written format. The letter is meant to be simple, and to the point. It should not have any jargons or difficult language. The purpose of the letter is to convey the information to the reader in a simple and precise manner. The letter is thus direct and short. It is not more than 3 paragraphs. It has a clear subject line that gives the reader a clear idea of your reason of writing the letter. This subject line is again a single statement that is very direct, and does not go round and round. The letter is aimed to give a direct message to the reader. The application cover letter format given below will clarify this better:

Application letter format

Name (name of the writer)
Address (postal address of the applicant)
Contact number:
Email address:

Designation (the designation of the reader)
Name (Name of the reader)

Subject: (States the purpose of the letter clearly. For example - Application for the post of Teacher, Application for a new credit card, etc)


Dear Mr. /Ms. (last name of the person),

Body of the letter:

First paragraph: Introduce yourself and state the reason of writing the letter

For example - I am Mike Mill, and I wish to apply for the post of High School Teacher as advertised in today's newspaper.

This makes it very clear to the reader, who you are, and what exactly you want from him/her.

Second Paragraph:

Second paragraph elaborates your first paragraph. In this case, you would write about your qualification and work experience. In the case of a student applying for admission, the student would mention about his/her previous studies, and what he/she wishes to do further. Here the reader gets an idea as to why you think that you are eligible to apply for the same.

Third Paragraph:

This is the concluding paragraph. The applicant should mention about all the documents that he/she has provided with the letter, so that the application is processed further. This also lets the reader know that you have given everything needed to process the application. Also, make an effort to thank the reader for reading your letter.

Closing of the letter:


Name of the applicant

Email address/contact number


Mention all the documents you have attached with the letter, as per the sequence in which the documents have been attached.

This is the basic format for any kind of application. The contents change with the purpose, but the format remains the same. The format makes it clear that you have to be precise in writing this letter, and not waste the reader's time by being indirect. Also, you can refer to Application Letter Samples for Summer Job and Work Application Letter Samples for more cover letters.

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