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We need to send an application for many purposes. Usually, applications are invited in a certain format, or one has to fill in an application form given, and send it as per the requirement. When one sends an application, as mentioned above, it will have only what is asked for. One does not get any scope of putting forth one's view, or justify one's application. However, this is possible by sending an application cover letter along with the application.

What is an application cover letter?

The letter that accompanies the application sent by you, and explains your eligibility, which in turn will strengthen your application, is known as an application cover letter. This letter has to be sent along with the application. One might send only an application, but this letter has to be accompanied by the application, since it speaks about the application.

What is the purpose of the application cover letter?

The purpose of an application cover letter is similar to any other cover letter. It aims at -

  • Highlighting one's application
  • Differentiating the same from the other applications
  • Strengthening one's application
  • Justifying one's application by explaining one's eligibility and strengths
  • Helps in communicating, and creating a rapport with the reader
  • Aims at creating the reader's interest in your application, such that he/she not only reads the same with thorough interest, but also willingly takes it to the next level
  • In case of any reference, the person can mention the same in the letter, and this will again strengthen the application
  • If the person wishes to share some other relevant documents, he/she can mention about the same in the application cover letter
  • The process, if requires the person to attend an interview or verification round, etc., the person can put forth his/her interest, and request the reader to call him/her for further rounds at the earliest

What should not be included in this letter?

The letter is sent to strengthen the application. However, it should not imitate the application. If someone sends an application for a job, and mentions the details like qualifications, skills, experience, achievements, etc., in the application, repeating the same in the cover letter does not make sense.

What should be included in the cover letter?

The cover letter should highlight the important details of the application, which would be highly important in the decision making of the reader. There are certain chunks of information in the application, which increases your eligibility, relevancy, and justifies your application. Including such information in the letter will thus, help in achieving the motto of the letter. When one sends a cover letter for a job application, it would include information like -

'I am John Terra, a Software Engineer with 3 years of experience in this field, and am currently working with XYZ Software'...

The statement given above, answers three important questions of the employer/reader. He/she gets direct information about your qualification, experience, and current organization, without turning to your application. However, it does not repeat every detail about education, and work experience that you might have given in the application.

Format of the application cover letter:

The letter is a formal letter. The standard font size for any formal letter is 12, and the ideal font is Times New Roman. Keeping a line spacing of 1.5 lines, will make your letter look neat, and more legible. Justify the text, to make your letter look neat.

Contents of the letter:

Leave 'two tabs' space from the top of the page

Top left hand corner - Applicant's name, address, contact number, email address, and date

Leave 'one tab' space

Mention the designation, name, organization's name, and organization's address

Leave 'one tab space'

Mention reference (if any) or skip this line, and

Begin your letter by giving proper salutations like Dear Mr./Ms._______

First paragraph:

Introduce yourself, and speak about the purpose directly

Second paragraph:

Elaborate on the purpose of the letter, by justifying your application

Third paragraph:

In case of job application, put forth your interest in working with the organization

Fourth Paragraph:

Request the reader to take some action, like calling you for an interview, meeting, reading your application thoroughly, etc.

Closing of the letter:

Thank the reader, and mention your name, contact number and email address, again at the end. Put your signature above your name.

Tips for writing an application letter:

  • Format: Formal letter format
  • Handwritten applications are comparatively less impactful than a typed or printed application letter
  • Use a standard font and font size throughout the letter
  • The letter should be split in 2-3 paragraphs, and each paragraph should have maximum of 3-4 sentences. These sentences should not be very long, as it is very confusing for the reader.
  • Subject line as mentioned above, should be clear and specific. It should not be a very long sentence
  • The required documents should be provided with the letter to help your application process further

We have provided various application letters samples in the links below. These samples will help you write a perfect application letter. You can use these letters and make the necessary changes as per your profile/requirement, and customize the letter.

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