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A 'grant application letter' as the name suggests, is an application written to apply for a particular grant. A grant is a fund provided by some institution or a non- profit organization, to some needy trust or an individual. Since this is a grant, the receiver does not need to repay it. It is a financial help provided by one party to the other. However, to avail of this help, an individual has to apply for the same. The organizations or some NGO's working independently, announce of such financial help programs. The aspirants then need to put forth their application for the same.

A grant application letter is a little different from the other application letters. This is because there is certain information that needs to be conveyed correctly to get a grant approved. The grant letter is also known as a proposal letter by some. The application letter requesting a grant is precise, not more than a page, but the supporting documents are essential to get your application approved. These supporting documents are:

  1. A cover letter - This cover letter gives a brief description of the proposal, and states its importance
  2. Proposal - The project or cause you need the grant for. The proposal is divided in different parts:

    • Summary/Synopsis - Brief of your project
    • Introduction - Introduction of your organization
    • Requirement - State your requirement
    • Aim - What you aim to achieve with this project or grant
    • Plan - The process/plan in which you would use the grant

  3. Application letter - A formal letter requesting the grant or applying for the grant

The proposal is a very crucial part of this application. The organization you are applying to, would study your proposal thoroughly. The proposal would give him/her an idea of how you plan to use the funds, and will the grant given by them be used for the right purpose, in the right way. Thus, your proposal is a blueprint of your future actions, and it would thus help in approval or disapproval of your grant application.

To write a good proposal you can take the help of some experts. For example, if you wish to construct an Orphanage, you can take the help of a Construction Engineer, or a Builder, who would help you draw the approximate estimate. The architect will help you make a blueprint of the Orphanage. All this is a must for a good proposal.

After the proposal, you would need a formal application letter. The sample grant application letter given below can be used as a reference to write your application.

7th October, 2011

John Mark
30th Market Road,
Sun City,
U.S - 41251
Ph: 00-112- 404-312

Mr. Zing Parx
Shambor Group of Companies,
Kinston Street,
U.S - 41230

Subject: Application for grant for 'Angel Orphanage'

Dear Mr. Parx,

I am John Mark and this is with reference to the annual grant your organization provides. I have been working for upliftment of the girl child, and support needy girls, post my retirement.

My support group is named 'Empower the Girl' and since the past five years, I have been independently helping the needy girls. I use my savings and income, and also get help from friends and relatives. Now I wish to move on and work more dedicatedly towards this cause. I thus aim to build a small orphanage especially for girls. The minimum accommodating capacity would be 50 girls. I have a plot in my name, and now I wish to construct an orphanage on it. The budget for this project is estimated to be around $200,000.

I have attached the proposal and the blueprint of the orphanage I wish to make. The proposal explains the total expenditure on this project. This proposal is made with the help of Mr. James, an Architect. He has helped me design the blueprint, and work on the costing of the project.

Please review the proposal and approve my application for a grant of $200,000.

Hope to get your help soon.

Thank you in anticipation.


John Mark
00-112- 404-312


  1. Proposal Synopsis
  2. Proposal
  3. Blueprint
  4. Application form

This sample grant application letter can be used by you to apply for a grant. The organization/institution you are applying to, states the documents or criteria required while applying for a grant. Make sure you fulfill the criteria, or provide the required documents to move your application to the next stage. Also, you can look for Loan Application Letter Examples and Marriage Leave Application Letter Examples for more cover letters.

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