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In a professional environment, before meeting someone, it is necessary to take an appointment. It is considered as a good habit and is very essential in the professional life. When you wish to meet the other person, you must make sure that, you are not disturbing him/her. Thus, it is advisable to write an appointment letter, which allows you to ask the other person whether it would be appropriate to meet him or her. In many cases, it is essential to take an appointment, such as - before seeing a doctor, before going for an interview, an appointment to meet the principal of the school, etc. In personal relations, one does not need to write an appointment letter and seek permission to meet someone. However, in the USA, many people follow the habit of calling up the person and asking him/her whether he/she would be fine in meeting at a particular time. However, an appointment is mandatory in a professional environment. There are many different types of appointment letters, and in this section of sample letters, we would discuss the same.

An appointment letter is written in different situations, and it's meaning changes with the situation, or purpose it caters to. Some types of appointment letters are as follows:

  1. Appointment request letter:

    Requesting someone for an appointment to meet him/her in person. This could be a doctor appointment request letter, a letter written to the school teacher or principal, a letter written to the manager or recruiter of an organization, etc. In this situation, the purpose of the letter is to request the reader to give a particular day and time, when he/she would be comfortable to meet the person who is seeking an appointment.

  2. Appointment reminder letter:

    These kinds of letters are written to remind someone about an appointment. In this case, the appointment is fixed, but prior to the appointment a reminder letter is given.

  3. Job appointment letter:

    This is given after the person accepts the job offer letter and joins the organization. This is a written proof of the job and position one is working at.

  4. Appointment confirmation letter:

    This is another kind of letter, which is written in affirmative response to the appointment request letter

As mentioned above, this letter is useful in a professional environment, thus it is written as per the formal letter format. The basic format for this letter is thus same as the formal letter. Before reading some sample letters, let us discuss some important points for writing different appointment letters

Letter for scheduling an appointment:

  1. This is a request letter. Clearly state the purpose and importance of the meeting.
  2. This letter when written requesting an appointment for a job interview, the tone of the letter has to be very precise, and the skills and qualifications of the person requesting for an appointment should be mentioned clearly.
  3. When this letter is written with reference to some business opportunity, and one business group writes this letter to the other, the tone should be polite; however, it should not sound very needy. Here the writer should state the points that make the appointment look mutually beneficial to the two business groups.
  4. Include the date and time of your choice, and if are flexible enough to adjust to the other person's time, mention the same in the letter
  5. If possible also include details like duration of the meeting, and the agenda of the meeting.

Letter for rescheduling an appointment:

  1. When a party reschedules an appointment, it is important to inform the other party about the same. Request the other party to please consider your situation and also apologize for the same.
  2. Give 2-3 options of date and time, and let the other party choose and revert

Job appointment letter:

  1. This is different from the above-mentioned letters. It is written to confirm an employee for a particular position. When a person is selected in an interview, he/she gets a job offer letter. After joining the organization, he/she gets the appointment letter.
  2. This letter begins with a positive welcome tone. Welcome the person to the organization, and make him/her feel that he/she is a valuable resource to the organization.
  3. Congratulate the person and clearly mention details about the designation, job responsibilities, immediate boss, office hours, etc.

Referring to the sample appointment letters given in the links below, you would get a better idea of writing perfect appointment letters.

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