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Each one of us likes to be appreciated for our work. Even a little appreciation motivates us. Appreciation although is necessary in every situation, such as, when a wife cooks something for her husband, when a child obeys his/her parents, etc. However, in these situations the appreciation is verbal. In some cases, one can write a letter, but it would be an informal letter of appreciation. However, when an employee does something good, or a student performs well in exams, etc., a formal appreciation letter is written and addressed to the concerned person. This letter helps in motivating the person, and thus increases the chances of much better performance in future.

Writing an appreciation letter:

While writing a letter of appreciation, one must keep the tone of the letter sincere. This is necessary because the letter would otherwise sound ironic. Thus, maintaining a formal tone is essential for an appreciation letter. A few instructions given below would help you write perfect appreciation letters:

  1. Immediate Appreciation:

    While appreciating someone, one must be quick. Appreciate an action at the earliest. A delayed appreciation deviates from the motive of encouraging the individual.

  2. Appreciate a particular task or activity:

    When one writes an appreciation letter, he/she writes it with an aim to appreciate a particular task or activity. A generalized appreciation is not the purpose of the letter. It is written to appreciate a certain task or activity that has had a positive contribution. For example, an employee appreciation letter is aimed at appreciating the employee's contribution to the organization.

  3. Address:

    Address the letter to a specific person, and his/her specific act. Do not send a general appreciation letter to the department. When an employee receives an appreciation letter in his/her name directly from the head, he/she is highly motivated.

  4. Precise:

    Although it is an appreciation letter, make sure you keep your letter precise. Do not gob praising the individual so much that it turns out to be a flattering letter. Be precise, appreciate a certain activity and motivate the reader to perform in a similar manner in the future.

  5. Closing:

    The letter should end with a positive note and best wishes to the reader for similar performance. Thank the reader, and at last again appreciate him/her by writing a simple statement like 'Keep up the good work', etc.

Situations of appreciation:

As mentioned above, appreciation is necessary in every formal and informal situation. In informal situations, one does not write an appreciation letter, but we usually see people writing text messages or emails, appreciating the other person. In these cases, the email or text message is written in an informal and casual tone.

On the other hand, in formal relations, appreciation is a must. Appreciating even the smallest things is necessary to maintain the rapport. To help you understand whom and when you should appreciate in a formal set up, we have listed down a few scenarios:

  1. Employee Appreciation:

    • Appreciating an employee for his/her ideas, actions, alertness, etc., that has made a significant difference to the organization or a particular department or project.
    • When an employee's alertness or bravery helped save some colleague
    • When he/she does some good work, or some achievement other than work place, that has been recognized and appreciated by all.

  2. Client Appreciation:

    A business is successful because of its clients. Appreciating the client for his/her achievements, gestures, etc., will help you strengthen the rapport with the client and probably get you more business.

  3. Vendors and Business Associates: Vendors and Business Associates play an important role in the successful functioning of your organization. Maintaining a good rapport with them and appreciating them is thus essential. Your Business Associate might have won some award, excelled in business, etc. Appreciating him/her in such situations will strengthen your professional bond.

Appreciating is equally important for a person working at the lowest designation as well as at the highest designation in the organization. Do not forget to appreciate someone's good actions, ideas or words just like you never fail to criticize their mistakes. Appreciation will only help you motivate the other person, which in turn would be beneficial for your organization.

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