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In a formal set up, there is a way of communicating, and asking questions. One cannot just enter a minister's cabin, a boss's cabin, etc., and start questioning. He/she has to write a letter to get his/her questions answered. Such letters that let the writer ask something are known as asking letters. In this section of sample we would discuss about these letters, and also see a few samples for the same.

What are 'asking letters'?

As mentioned above, and more precisely as the name suggests, this letter allows the writer to ask a question. In personal relations, that is, in an informal set up, one can ask anything directly and there is no need to write a letter for the same. However, in a professional environment, there is a proper procedure of communicating, and if one wishes to ask something, a written request is submitted for the same. There are many different situations in which one needs to ask something. Here is a list of some such situations:

  1. To ask some information
  2. To ask for an appointment
  3. To ask for a favor
  4. To ask for a recommendation letter
  5. To ask for help
  6. To ask questions related to work that would help clarify doubts further, etc.

Any situation where one has a doubt, or needs some kind of favor, help, information, etc., writing a letter for the same who help one to satisfy his/her quest.

Writing 'asking letters':

As these letters are used in a formal set up, the format of the letter would be as per the formal letter. The guidelines for writing formal letter would apply to these letters as well. A few guidelines are listed below that should be followed while writing these letters:

  1. Address the letter to a specific person
  2. Mention your name and contact details in the beginning of the letter and the name and address of the person to whom the letter is addressed, below it
  3. Subject line would help the reader get a clear idea of the letter in one line
  4. The letter should be precise, and should not have more than 3 paragraphs
  5. The first paragraph would be the writer's introduction, and the reason of writing the letter
  6. The second paragraph would elaborate on the reason
  7. Third paragraph is written to thank the reader and request him/her to take an action at the earliest.

Usually there are no enclosures with these letters, but in case if you have some documents or extra information that you think the reader should know and go through to answer your query, enclose the same along with the letter, and mention about it in the letter.

Points to remember while writing 'asking letters':

To write a perfect letter you must remember - PPSS

  • P - Precise; do not write long letters
  • P - Proofread; to avoid any grammatical and spelling errors
  • S - Use simple language and not a language which would need an Oxford dictionary to interpret the meaning
  • S - Straight; to the point and not going round and round the issue

The 'PPSS' formula applies to every formal letter, and not just asking letters in specific. These points make your letter a perfect letter. Spelling mistakes, wrong sentence structure, grammatical errors, etc., make the letter uninteresting, and might as well not gain much attention from the reader. Thus, for any formal letter, this PPSS rule is a must.

With all the information given above, it is very clear that writing an asking letter is not a difficult task, and it is more or less like a 'request letter', and the format of the letter is that of any other formal letter. To clarify the concept further, read the sample asking letters given in the links below, and write perfect letters that would help you get your questions answered.

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