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Change of Address Letter

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At times, we need to relocate due to personal and professional reasons. Our birthplace, the place where we completed our education, the place where we work, etc., all might not be the same. At times, we complete our education at a particular place, and then we relocate and thus want our documents to be delivered to our new address. This is just one example. There are many such situations wherein we have to notify the other party about our change of address. Thus, we need to write a change of address letter, which helps us inform the reader about our new address.

Writing a change of address letter:

This is a very simple letter. It can be a formal letter or an informal letter depending upon the situation or the person to whom you wish to inform about the change. Usually we can inform our friends, relatives and colleagues about the change of address by sending them a text message or calling them. One might drop an informal email as well. However, for formal situations like post office mails, banking services, utility services bills, etc., one has to write a formal change of address letter. In this case, the letter is accompanied with certain supporting documents that help in completing the formalities associated with the process. Also, one might need to fill in a form provided by the bank, post office, etc., and send it along with the letter to avail of uninterrupted services on the new address.

How to bring it in effect?

  • First step for bringing in effect your new postal address is, filling the post office form for change of address, and addressing a formal letter to the post office giving details about your change of address.

  • Besides, the post office, you also need to inform the professional contacts that send you mails on your residential address. List down the important contacts whom you need to inform about the change of address.

  • In this case, you can write a generic letter. There is no need to write a customized letter and address it to each of your contacts in person. A generic letter can be addressed to all the important contacts. This is acceptable because, the purpose remains the same. You just wish to inform everyone about the change in your postal address, and thus you can write a generic letter and make copies of the same.

  • Besides professional contacts, make sure that you inform the credit card companies, banks, utility service providers, etc., about the change in postal address. If you fail to pay a bill because you did not get it on time, it will affect your credit score and pose many problems for you in future. Many service providers provide you with a change of address form with the monthly statements that they mail you. Make sure that you fill in the form, and inform them about the same.

  • The other service providers like magazine subscriptions, journal subscriptions, etc., also need to be informed about the change of address.

How a change of address letter should be?

  • This is a simple formal letter and the guidelines of a formal letter should be followed while writing the same.

  • The letter should have your name and current postal address and contact details.

  • It should be addressed to the concerned person, and it is advisable to drop the letter in the concerned office in person.

  • The letter should have a clear subject line that reads 'Requesting for change of postal address'.

  • The letter should have only 2-3 paragraphs. The first paragraph would be an introductory paragraph and put forth the request. The second paragraph would give clear details like -

    'Please change the current address: (Mention the current postal address and contact details)

    To the following address: (Mention the new postal address)'

  • Write the address in block letters to avoid any mistakes. A print out or type written letter is a better idea to avoid any mistakes due to a handwritten letter.

  • Provide supporting documents like the application form, proof of address, etc., and mention the same in the letter.

The change of address letters are very simple to write. You only need to make sure that you send these letters at least 30 days before you move into your new residence, so as to avoid any delays of your important mails. Read the sample letters given in the links below, to write your change of address letter.

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