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Many organizations work for the benefit and welfare of others by collecting funds and helping the needy to fulfill their needs. These organizations are known as NGO's, non-profit organizations, charity trusts, etc. These organizations work on funds or things donated by some individuals, and use the same for the benefit of the impoverished. Collecting funds is not an easy task. Someone would not just easily agree to donate towards a certain cause. The organization requesting for donation, write charity letters that put forth the request for donating towards a certain cause. These letters not only request for donation in cash or kind, but also provide all the information to reader about the organization, the cause, etc. All this is necessary to convince the reader to donate generously to a particular cause.

Charity letters are usually formal letters. These are addressed to some big business organizations, politicians, influential and elite classes of society, etc. In some cases, this letter could be an informal letter wherein the person requesting for donation knows the reader personally, and is making this request on the basis of the personal relation. However, in both the cases, the matter to be included in the letter remains the same. Only the format of the letter will vary.

Why write charity letter?

One might think that, a representative from a charity organization could directly go and request the person to donate towards the cause. However, one must remember that it is essential to follow the proper code of communication. When requesting for charity to big business houses or elite classes of society, one cannot just directly walk into their cabin or office, and ask them to donate. The proper communication procedure says that, writing a letter that gives details about the cause, and puts forth the request is appropriate, rather than directly calling up or visiting the person. After reading the letter, the reader might call you or you might request the reader to give you an appointment, and discuss the same in person with you.

As mentioned above in some situations, when the relationship between the person who is requesting and the person who is being requested is informal, this code of communication might not exist.

What makes a charity letters effective?

A person would not donate if he/she does not believe in you. When one writes a charity request letter, he/she must make sure that all the necessary evidences that make your request look authentic must be provided with the letter.

Firstly, if the organization is quite old and has been functioning since a long time, then the chances of not believing or doubting the authenticity are quite less. Everyone knows organizations like Red Cross, and would thus believe them easily. However, this does not mean that a small organization cannot help the needy.

While writing this letter, one must remember that the reader is asked to give money for nothing in return except the receipt. Thus, presenting a true picture is important. Give proper details about your organization, past works, the current cause and the plan of action. Since this letter cannot be very long, you can provide pictures, or website link, etc., that would help the reader understand everything and clarify his/her doubts. You should not hesitate to invite the readers to the office or the site, and let them see for themselves and decide further.

A proper plan of action is again very important as one would definitely like to know where and how the money be used.

When your letter is written keeping in mind all these points, it would definitely prove to be effective, and help you get donations for your cause.

How to write a charity letter?

This letter is written based on the guidelines of formal letter writing. The guidelines for the same are as follows:

  1. Writer's name and contact details
  2. Reader's name and address
  3. Subject line - summary of the letter in one line
  4. Introductory paragraph - Answer questions 'who' and 'why'
  5. Second paragraph - Elaborate on the reason of donation, how will it help, where will it be used, etc.
  6. Closing of the letter - thank the reader and request to revert with positive reply

Providing a pre-stamped envelope with the address of your organization on it, or sending someone from your organization to collect it, would motivate the reader to donate instantly. This is because it would save his/her efforts and time.

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