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Festivals do not just mean sweets, parties, cocktails and new clothes. The main aim of a festival is to bring the family and friends closer. One such festival in the USA is Christmas. All the citizens of USA wait eagerly for this festival. They celebrate Christmas with loads of fun and excitement. One thing, which adds to the joy of Christmas, is a Christmas letter. In this era of cell phones, emails, and social networking sites, writing letters is no longer a habit. However, there are still many who resort to letter writing to pass on wishes, and invite family and friends to be a part of the celebration.

There are many different reasons to write letters on Christmas, for example -

  • Christmas Party Invitation letter
  • Christmas Greetings letter
  • Christmas letter to friend
  • Christmas letter to father
  • Santa Christmas letter
  • Formal Christmas Greetings
  • Thank you Christmas letter
  • Funny Christmas letter, etc.

All these letters are ways of greeting someone, or making someone feel that he/she has been remembered on Christmas. These letters help in bringing a smile on someone's face, conveying your feelings to someone, etc. These are usually informal letters. However, these letters are used in business organizations as well. Every business organization greets their clients by sending a Christmas wishes letter. The letters still would be informal. This is because when you send Christmas greetings, you need not write a subject line, references, testimonials, etc. Thus, it has an informal tone whether written for a family member or a business associate. The only difference would be that in a Christmas letter addressed to a business associate, the language would be decent and precise. Unlike a letter written to friend wherein you can use abbreviations, refer to some past incidents, crack jokes, etc.; a letter written to a business associate would be simple and straight to the point.

A party invitation letter would be just like any other invitation letter. It would give details about the theme, venue, time, etc., for the Christmas party. This invitation again would be a formal party, or an informal party invitation.

A greetings letter would be a letter to greet your colleague, friend, client, family member, etc., on Christmas. Again the content or tone of the letter depends whether the letter is being addressed to a business associate or a friend.

A funny Christmas letter is used only for informal contacts like friends, soul mates, etc. One cannot write such a letters, and send it to a business associate or client. A funny letter usually makes fun of the situation, the reader, refers to some past funny and embarrassing moments, etc. Thus, it is completely informal in its tone.

A letter to Santa or a letter by Santa is usually written for or by the children. Parents and teachers tell children that Santa Claus would give them gifts, and they can demand or put forth their wishes to Santa Claus by writing letters to him. Children then write letters, and the parents promise to send the letter to Santa Claus. Usually parents and teachers themselves play the role of Santa, and try to fulfill the child's wish. The letter written by Santa to children is again a letter written either by a parent posing as Santa to his/her child, or someone who dresses up as Santa in the Church. This letter is written in response to the letter by the child, or to inform him/her about the arrival of Santa, etc. These are thus letters written to please the children, and make them believe that Santa would come with loads of gifts on Christmas.

These letters thus help recreate the magic of olden days, when there were no cell phones or internet. Even today, writing a letter brings much more joy than sending an E-greeting or an email. A letter written in one's own handwriting is much more convincing than a photocopied generalized invitation, or email sent out to the readers.

This Christmas, try to recreate the magic again. Find out how your letter adds to the joy of the festival, and how it brings a smile on your loved one's faces. Refer to some sample letters in the links below and write a letter that would make someone feel special this Christmas.

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