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Why do we need to write a Government Complaint letter? We all are well aware of how the cogs and pins in government machinery work and how from time to time they require a rain check. Despite the fact that how well our Congressmen take care of their constituencies, there still sometimes arise such situations where one has to write a direct letter to them addressing the important societal/ civic issues at hand.

Whenever writing such a letter to a government official, always keep in mind the following things:

  • Explain the problem clearly and if applicable, state all the measures taken by you till now to resolve the issue. If during that course of action, you nhave spoken to any other department or officials, mention that detail too.
  • Ensure that the person to whom you are writing this letter has the authority to look into the matter.
  • Enclose the copies of all the relevant documents, if any
  • Always keep copies of all such correspondence with you

Following is a sample of one such letter for your reference.

Government Complaint Letter

Vincent Giligan
1550 Larimer St. Township,
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 872-5837


To Honorable Congressman,
Ron Baskin
State of Colorado,
United States House of Representatives

233 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Subject- Complaint about local chemical plant causing serious health issues among the locals

Honorable Congressman,

I am writing to you for requesting an urgent intervention in our ongoing protest against the operational practices of a local chemical company- Pacific Chemicals. The problem pertains to the company's improper ways of disposing off its chemical waste. This has, in the last two years, led to a sudden hike in the number of cancer patients in the area.

We live in a local township in the south of Denver, near the countryside. Four years ago Pacific Chemicals started there plant here. We all were skeptic of the toxic waste it could spread in the environment and so demanded a clearance from the Environment department. This clearance was produced by the company along with the promise of providing employment to our local youth. (copy of the clearance report is attached with this letter)

Three years ago, the first case of cancer from the township came to light followed by a sudden surge in the number of cancer patients in the area. We sent some ground water and well samples to the National Water-Quality Assessment Department (NWQAD), which confirmed a high rate of hexavalent chromium in it. It then came to our knowledge that the company was dispelling its chemical waste, without properly treating it, into the nearby river. In the absence of proper waste disposal procedures, this waste was highly dangerous to the environment.

We have even demanded from the company to introduce proper waste-disposal methods and follow the national guidelines of chemical waste disposal but our voices have only met with deaf ears. Meanwhile the death toll due to cancer has significantly increased.

On 8th November, 2009, we approached The Chemical Waste Association of Colorado (TCWA) but the officials shockingly gave them a clean chit. (I am attaching a copy of my correspondence letter with the CWA here and also the copy of their final report).

By writing this letter to you I hope that you would, as early as possible, look into this pressing issue as the lives of many local people are at stake. We, the people of Larimer St. Township, collectively wish that the company is subjected to a strict audit and a legal suite for the damages caused here. The company needs to be shifted out of here. Also, we demand strong action against the clearly corrupt local bodies that have repeatedly ignored our pleas since last 4 years.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely


Vincent Giligan

P.S. - A combined plea, duly signed by all the residents of Larimer St. Township has been attached with this letter.

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