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One applies for a visa, job, loan, etc., and gets a reply that the request has been approved. However, an oral confirmation does not stand valid in many cases. A written proof of confirmation is a must. Thus, confirmation letters are a very important part of formal letter writing. We said formal letter writing, because in informal situations a confirmation for something is usually verbal. One does not need to confirm a date, an engagement, etc., by writing formal letters. Thus, these letters are solely used in formal situations. To help understand how to write this letter, let us first discuss what a confirmation letter and the purpose of the same are?

What is a confirmation letter and why is it needed?

It is a written statement that confirms the occurrence of some forthcoming event, process or action. It validates the oral word of communication, and serves as a proof in many cases. It confirms that a particular action would take place at a decided time and place for a pre-decided value. It also confirms the terms and conditions agreed between the two parties, which have finally led to the confirmation.

It is a business letter/formal letter as explained above, and the tone and language of the letter is polite and precise. This letter is usually written in response to some enquiry, conversation, or discussion, and thus it is also known as a confirmation response letter. Besides writing in response, there is also an unsolicited version of this letter; for example, to confirm an employee working as a trainee since a long time.

Purpose of the letter:

The letter helps the writer to:

  • Approve something
  • Ratify/Sanction/ Authorize something or someone
  • Give a written validity for something/someone's issue/question

Thus, the letter is written with a clear purpose and should convey the same effectively. The following instructions will help you write this letter with ease.

Instructions for writing confirmation letters:

  1. It is usually written in affirmation to some request, application, etc. Thus, the person to whom the letter is addressed to would be expecting a positive confirmation since a long time, and would be glad to get the same. Thus, the letter should have a congratulatory and affirmative tone.

  2. You are sending a written confirmation and thus it becomes extremely essential to clarify exactly what you wish to confirm. A double entendre or adianoeta sentence could be altered and used for one's benefit. Thus, while framing the sentence, be careful that the meaning is clear and straightforward.

  3. The terms and conditions of the contract, offer, etc., on the basis of which you have decided to confirm something, need to be repeated again, clearly in the letter. A detailed copy of the same should be sent along with the letter asking the reader to sign the copy and revert. This avoids any misunderstanding and altering, or twisting the meaning of sentences.

  4. Any mistakes in this letter could lead to unfavorable situations and cause troubles. Proofread the letter carefully before sending the same. If any of the terms of the agreement are doubtful, or need to be altered, clarify the same, and alter it. Ask the reader to read the terms carefully and revert.

  5. Congratulatory tone of the letter is essential, besides maintaining the formal language and format

  6. Address a copy to others associated with the process, so that everyone is in loop, and is updated with the recent happenings of the process, action or decision.

  7. The letter should put forth the enthusiasm about the confirmation and trust regarding the confirmation

Since you have read so much about these letters, and learnt how to write the same, let us also discuss a few situations wherein this letter is used. Some such situations are as follows:

  1. Agreement confirmation: To confirm a particular agreement or deal
  2. Invitation Confirmation: A confirmation sent in reply to some invitation or appointment
  3. Job offer Confirmation: To confirm a particular job offer, also known as an Appointment letter
  4. Confirmation of online or telephonic request or order
  5. Confirmation of receiving goods, documents, money, etc.

Thus, there are 'n' numbers of situations where this letter is used, and thus knowing how to write this letter is essential. There are some sample confirmation letters given in the links below for your reference.

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