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Achievement, success, etc., are some moments that bring immense joy to one's life. In these joyous moments, one expects good wishes from all the loved ones. Situations like promotion, salary hike, etc., are very pleasant situations at work place, and in such situations, a congratulatory message from the immediate boss or seniors, leads to encouragement and motivation. Thus, writing congratulations letters is very important at times. It helps you express your happiness, and also motivates the other person.

Congratulations letter as the name suggests, is written to congratulate a person and thus the tone of the letter is positive and enthusiastic. The reader must feel that you are actually happy with his/her success or happiness. Not only achievements like promotion or winning a competition, but occasions like anniversary, marriage, etc., also are situations wherein you should congratulate your near and dear ones. When in such situations you wish the person, it adds to his/her happiness.

Writing this letter is not a difficult task. This letter is used in both, formal and informal situations. The format of the letter thus changes as per the situations. The aim of the letter remains the same in both the cases, but the way the letter is written, varies in formal and informal situations. The letter will still congratulate a person, but the way these congratulatory messages are written differs.

Writing a formal congratulations letter:

In business relations, while dealing with business associates, clients, employees, etc., one has to be a part of ones happiness and sorrows. If you hear of your client succeeding in some event, bagging some prize, your business associate winning some award, etc., you must congratulate, and make your well wishes reach him/her. In this case, when you congratulate the person by writing a letter, the letter is written as per the guidelines of formal letter writing. The letter is precise, addressed to a specific person, written in simple business communication language, etc. Use of abbreviations, nicknames, casual language, etc., is strictly prohibited while writing formal letters. As per the guidelines of formal letter writing, the letter has to be typed or printed and not handwritten.

Writing an informal congratulations letter:

When you wish to congratulate a colleague, a friend, relative, etc., you do not need to think a lot. You can use a casual language, or even write a letter in your mother tongue. You can address the person with his/her nickname; send a handwritten letter, etc. The language could be funny, and references to past incidents that would add to the happiness and fun is acceptable. The only thing that remains same is your congratulatory message.

Tips to write effective congratulatory letters:

Do not miss out on wishing someone in his/her moments of happiness. A well-written congratulatory letter will be remembered and adds to the joy and happiness. To help you write effective letters, here are a few tips:

  1. Send a letter soon after the incident: If you wish to congratulate a person for something, you must send a letter soon after the incident. Try being the first one to send a congratulatory letter.
  2. Mention the Reason: State the reason or occasion for which you wish to congratulate. Be specific and express your joy for the same.
  3. Praise and express your affirmation: Praise the reader and state that you were expecting this, and thus it was no shock but only a sheer moment of joy for you. The reader should feel that you agree to his/her achievements and success and believe that he/she deserves the same.
  4. Simple and Precise: Formal or informal, the letter should be precise and simple.
  5. Do not exaggerate: Do not try to show extreme happiness or exaggeration. It might look fake
  6. Proofread: Before sending any letter, it is important to proof read the same, irrespective of it being a formal or informal letter.

The letter is aimed at congratulating and expressing your agreement and happiness for a particular situation in one's life. Thus, writing this letter is not a difficult task. For further reference, read the sample congratulation letters given in the links below, catering to different situations. Use these letters, or draft your letter referring to these letters to wish someone in his/her happy moments.

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