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Cover letters are basically formal letters that accompany your resume while applying for a job or an internship in any organization. It is a brief description of your resume, throwing light upon your academic achievements as an employee or a candidate. Although, some organizations prefer emails to be sent across rather than a hard copy of the cover letter, manual writing cannot be avoided completely. So now the question arises as to what lies beneath the cloak of cover letters.

Cover letters are written to a specific person in the management of an organization rather than a department unless asked to do so. These letters serve as a medium of conversing with the reader though writing is the medium of communication here. Cover letters are usually seen first and based on the information given in cover letters, the employer decides whether to read the resume or not. Therefore, it must be rich in content relating to your profile. So, how to write these cover letters?

To start with, they need to be brief and precise, not longer than a page, rich in professional context, showing an interest for the job or an internship in the organization. One should never provide ample information; in fact just think and mark down a few relevant points you think is suitable for the job profile. Enlist your academic qualifications in one sentence; don't go around mentioning your grades in the cover letter, its present in the resume.

There is this perception that a cover letter reflects your personality, attitude, and interest towards the job. Your motivation and enthusiasm as a professional should be clearly visible in your letter. Be specific about your goal and vision for letting the reader guess might lead you elsewhere. Also make sure you mention what kind of profile you are looking for - part time, full time permanent, a summer internship or training.

It is also a good practice to mention how you got to know about the organization and vacancy for that designation such as from the internet or a newspaper or a magazine. Do remember to mention why you are interested in joining the organization and what you can contribute towards the job besides your sincerity. For that, you need to know something about the company and its vision. Visit the company's website to learn about it before you apply for the job.

Devote a considerable amount of time to write a cover letter, don't rush in; it will eventually result in writing another one, for another job. Remember to check your letter once you are done writing it to see if it seems appealing. You need to make sure your resume doesn't get ignored. A properly written cover letter will create that desired impact and impression well before a face to face meet with the interviewer.

Highlight your accomplishments using bullets. Try to focus on your accomplishments rather than your previous job responsibilities. If you are being referred by someone in the organization for the job you are applying for, mention the name of your referee right at the top of the page and maybe highlight it as we all know that references act as a gift and boosts the importance of the resume.

Following are a few points will assist you in cover letter writing:

  • Use the same font for your resume and cover letter
  • Restrict your letter to one page only
  • Skip ordinary achievements
  • Only discuss relevant qualifications in detail
  • Be concrete. Keep it short
  • All letters are addressed to individuals, so are cover letters
  • Use a standard white business paper

A cover letter acts as a promotion since they assist you to gain desired attention for your resume. You need to advertise yourself. This is a product based environment you are stepping into. It might sound funny, but you need to make a product of yourself for a while. After all you long for an opportunity like this.

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