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Employer Cover letter aims at introducing the candidate with his position and about joining into the organization. It is the first document from the employer side that communicates with a new joined employee. It announces candidate's confirmation of certain job into the company. An employer or the Human resource Personnel usually sends this letter to a selected candidate. An Employer cover Letter serves the purpose of offering a job and proclaims the required designation, service period, joining date, salary, increment and all other terms and conditions that the employee has to abide by. However, it conveys all the necessary information regarding the future job, still differs a lot from a Job Offer Letter. A Job Offer Letter is a long official document that contains all the necessary clauses and terms for the position, whereas an Employer Cover Letter briefly introduces the candidate about his position and responsibilities.

Like other cover letter, an Employer Cover Letter too starts with a heading, follows a body, and concludes with proper gratitude. This letter contains contact information of the organization as well as the employee on the top-left. Then the letter proceeds with proper personalized salutation and the reason. Here the employer or the HRD should address the candidate with his name like"Dear Mr. Michael". The second paragraph involves pleasing announcement of the selection, offering the designation, and required knowledge for employment.

Guidelines for an Employer Cover Letter

There is some set format that you can follow while writing an Employer Cover Letter. These include:

  • Make your letter short and to the point
  • Mention everything in simple manner
  • Express your pleasure to invite the other party
  • Check for grammatical, syntactical and typographical mistakes
  • Follow the etiquettes of a business letter

If you are looking for an example of Employer Cover Letter then the following sample can best guide you.

Elliott A. Paley
2854 Penn Street
Marble Hill,
United State
Contact No.: 6547-345-8778

Dan K. Anderson
"TRD Software Solution"
2512 Burwell Heights Road
TX, United States
Contact No.: 768-432-154

Dear Mr. Paley,

We are very glad to inform you that you have been successfully selected into our organization "TRD Software Solution" for the designation of Senior Software Engineer. The management has decided to offer this opportunity considering your superb result of the written as well as verbal interview scheduled on 13 October.

For that reason, you need to report Mr. Mathew the HR on First of November and to join on the same day. Your Employee code will be 3452. Regarding your monthly income, the authority has decided to offer a figure of 24,000$ to support your individual expenses. You will be provided with benefits and incentives based on your performance only after finishing the first term, i.e. at the end of your first working year. You will get all the standard holidays according to the company policy. Once you finish three months with the organization, you will be benefitted with 15 paid leaves.

Thus, we are eagerly looking for your association with us. We are pleased to hire experienced and skilled person like you. If you have any query regarding our organization or about your position, please feel free to contact on the abovementioned number. Else, you can send a mail on the given Id.

Thanking you,


Dan K. Anderson

This Employer Cover Letter is best tool to invite an applicant for joining into the organization. It is the first communicating medium from the employers' side, and expresses the enthusiasm of the owner. Like all cover letter, it too bears a note of positivism and friendliness. However, do not beat around the bush, mention only that is required for the purpose. Be crisp and clear and state all the information in correct way.

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